Saturday, 28 March 2015

Second Life Photography

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Continuing with my quest to learn the art of SL Photography, I spent another hour at 'Ode' late last night and came up with these pics.

I did a little bit of post editing in Photoshop and Perfect Photo Suite 8
I am finding "less is more" in post editing as if you go too far you can loose all of the magic from the original image. 

I am loving the various Wind Light settings and static poses. 
It's a lot of fun!

Friday, 27 March 2015

New Job - Second Life Mole

In Jan 2015 I started working as a Mole for the LDPW

As my SL resident name has now been made public on the above website,  I thought it was about time I wrote a little about it.

As a resident of Second Life for almost 11 years it's a huge honour to be given such an opportunity and one I am enjoying more and more each day as I continue to learn new skills within Photoshop.  

I currently work in the Marketing Department creating SL marketing banners and any other projects that require the use of Photoshop. 

Part of my role includes taking in world photographs like the one above. 
Sadly I am temporarily restricted to a 3meg bandwidth until the local cabinet is upgraded (I have been waiting 18 months) So it's deeply frustrating! 

Today for the first time, I decided to try my luck regardless of the expected LAG issues.  I paid a visit to my friend Elizabeth Tinsley's sim called "Ode" and spent about 30 minutes finding a location, a suitable static pose and positioning the camera angle.

This is my first real attempt at SL Photography as prior to becoming a 'Mole' my working days were consumed with creating game textures and tasks related to my texture business, TRU Textures 

I have not created many new textures for some months due to the fact I have been updating the 3000+ Marketplace listings with new imagery, keywords and text description as well as reducing the price to reflect a more saturated field that the texture market was back in 2011 when we first added TRU textures sets on the SL Marketplace. 

I am almost finished with that tedious but necessary admin task which has taken me six whole months so I will be glad when it's finally finished!

The TRU Textures MP store can be found here

As much as I love my new role, I can never forget or abandon the very thing that got me where I am today.

Game Texture creation was and always will be a passion for me and I will always remain thankful to Second Life and Linden Labs for providing the platform that I have been working from since 2006.