Saturday, 27 September 2014

TRU Textures Says Goodbye to it's in world store sim in Second Life.

It has been a difficult decision but over the last six months the amount of traffic (Shoppers) visiting the in world store in Second Life has dwindled to perhaps a hand full a day.

Shopping for textures "In world" has always been a laggy, time consuming affair but with the trend of Second Life shopping in general leaning ever more towards the Second Life Marketplace,  we eventually decided to let go of the sim which we have had since 2008.

We still do have an in-world store which we are currently still setting up. 

The smaller store will contain one search terminal which can be used to search our website database for textures by using key words or by typing the set ID number displayed in the title of texture sets on our website.
The search terminal can rez a temporary vendor and then you simply browse and/or purchase from it just like any standard texture vendor.

There is a 2 minute video tutorial here which demonstrates how to navigate our website and purchase from within Second Life. 

We will also have perhaps 100 vendors on display of the most recent and most popular texture sets. 

In addition to the above,  I am manually working through the 3000 products we have on display on the TRU Textures Universal SL Marketplace 

I am updating the main display image, adding key words (As they have not had any for 3 years since we added them) putting each texture set into the correct sub category and also reducing the price of sets that are several years old and have a lower pixel resolution which was considered acceptable at the time of creation.

This will also reflect on the TRU Textures website, so there will be hundreds if not thousands of product price reductions to watch out for over the next few months.

Quality control and administration of the vast texture library TRU has built over the years has been long overdue and whilst it will take me perhaps three months to complete, I hope the effort will be worth it.

It takes me away from what I love doing the most and that's creating new textures and 3D Materials.
But browsing through the collections I made over the years has turned out to be quite inspiring as I look at my work through more experienced eyes.