Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Cute Clip Art Bugs Insects Bees Caterpillars and Boots! Adobe Illustrator.

Created in Adobe Illustrator 

Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop. 

Adobe Illustrator. 

Adobe Illustrator. 

I have owned Adobe Illustrator CC for six weeks now and coming from Photoshop, I can tell you the transition is not as smooth as I had hoped.

They are both totally different beasts in terms of how they work and what you can do.

I got into Illustrator when I discovered easy.com was allowing digital downloads, or scrapbook content to be sold. Sadly, I missed the bus by 18 months and so there are lots of very well established scrapbook stores set up and fully stocked as they moved over what they had already made.

For me, I have to start from scratch due to the high DPI (Dots per inch) required by people who print off digital scrapbook supplies. So the thousands of textures I have created over the years are useless as they were saved for screen or web use at 72 DPI. 

It's a shame but in a way it's good as I have had to broaden my skill set by working with Illustrator and creating clip art content specific to easy.com market.

I have done a few courses at Lynda.com as a paid subscriber which basically helped me navigate the User Interface and understand what tools do what.

This last week, I have been exploring in a more hands on fashion with nothing but my imagination and the knowledge gained from the introduction tutorials.

Having lots of fun with it and can't wait to see what I can do in six months!

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