Tuesday, 1 April 2014

18 Seamless Brick Digital Scrapbook Papers.

18 seamless photo-realistic brick digital printing papers.
Perfect for dolls house and small scale real and digital modelling projects.

The only type of seamless bricks of this kind currently available on Etsy.com


Being seamless or "tiling" offers much versatility for print based projects as these patterns can be printed on a much larger surface area as the pattern tiles without seams, like real wallpaper or a roll of fabric would.

300 Dots Per Inch For high quality print.
10 x 10 Inch
3000 x 3000 Pixels
Seamless on both axis.

Digital Cards.
Dolls House
Model Projects
Scrap booking.
Website backgrounds.
Textiles (pillows, blankets, clothing)
Digital & Printed Craft Supplies (For etsy.com and beyond )
Web Banners.
Business Products.
Cupcake toppers.
Edible Cake Icing Transfer.
Printed Wedding Design and Decor.
Printed Home Decor.

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