Thursday, 6 February 2014

Substance Designer 4 - Free Substance

Commercial Use Version Substance Designer 4

I have owned Substance Designer 3.1 for 18 months but preferred to work with Photo images in Photoshop and Bitmap2Material, as that was my comfort zone.

That said, I have already paid the quite hefty price for the Commercial Use License for this software so I decided it was time I spent some time learning it as the potential is immense.

Coming from Photoshop into a node based system is not an easy transition but there is still a level of familiarity with the various blending nodes that replicate what most of Photoshop does (So that was something for me to cling to!
And so having watched the few tutorials available on the creation of Material Maps,  I finally pieced together my first 'from scratch' Substance of an old weathered, painted piece of wood.

It's nothing ground breaking and certainly nothing I would consider offering for sale (God forbid!) but it's a small milestone for me in terms of learning quite a complex procedural texture generator.

You can download the substance and review it in Substance Player (free) or Bitmap2Material or if you own it, Substance Designer itself.

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