Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Nordic Christmas Seamless Textures Vector Patterns

80 Original Nordic Patterned Seamless Textures

Whilst looking for inspiration, I noticed there were few options for the popular Nordic theme available on the internet except for those found on www.istock.com.
Whilst there are lots of choice on istock, their images cost around $30.00 each with a somewhat restrictive user license if your intent is commercial use. 

As such, I have spent the week designing my own which are available at a fraction of the price in packs.  ($4.62 for 20)

Each texture tiles on both axis and is sized 1024 x 1024 Pixel resolution. 

Available in four collections with commercial use from the TRU Textures website.

Like all of my textures, they're also available for use solely within the Secondlife.com platform for 400 Linden Dollars each set.

They can be seen and purchased here, here, here and here.

SET 1 OF 4

SET 2 OF 4

SET 3 OF 4

SET 4 OF 4


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