Thursday, 1 August 2013

Advanced Rendering in Strata Design 3D CXi Material Maps Architecture Diffuse Normal Specular




Whilst I have been making  Diffuse Normal and Specular material maps for  two years, my knowledge and understanding of the intricacies of Photorealism is still developing.

In the pursuit of creating realistic previews, I have started learning more sophisticated 3D software; something I have felt intimidated with for some time now.

I have mastered Adobe Photoshop and am confident in the creation of 3D maps  but applying those maps in a high end 3D render is somewhat alien to me. 

That said, I am aware that in the ever increasing technical market of graphic design,  an understanding of how 3D software works is essential and whilst my material map generator is the best currently available, it lacked shading and rendering options which left a rather dull and lack lustre preview.

Yesterday, I opened up the Strata Design 3D CGi software that's been sat on my desktop for some months and started playing around with simple primitives, light sets and render options and after some hours was more than pleased with the final results (Above) 

Ray Tracing Renders take time but the finished image is more than worth it.

Now, I feel more than confident that I can display my textures in a light that really demonstrates the effect of each and every material map created and used. 

If you're interested in purchasing these or other material maps and 2D textures, please visit the TRU Textures website for more information. 

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