Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Stone Brick Material Maps Diffuse Normal Specular Tiling Seamless Textures


Since the Secondlife.com platform is now 3D Material enabled, I am going over my 2D photorealistic textures and generating Normal and Specular maps for builders in SL as well as developers of other virtual world platforms such as IMVU.com as well as game developers and digital artists in general. 

They can be purchased as three piece sets which include the Diffuse, Normal and Specular maps.

Sized 1024 Pixels and tillable on both axis.

For commercial content creators and developers on the SL platform they're available for 150 Linden Dollars per material set from the Second Life Marketplace. Here, here, here and here

For commercial use outside of Second Life, each material set is priced at just $1.73.  Please visit TRU Textures website for more information. 

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