Monday, 14 January 2013

Embers Of Caerus Forsaken Studios Texture Artists Diary Update

Viking Era Village Houses - Click to view. 
I have been working as a voluntary Environmental Texture Artist with Forsaken Studios since Nov 2011.

The creation of Embers Of Caerus (Described as a Next Generation low fantasy MMORPG)  is ambitious and as such the development is more of a marathon rather than a race.

Like any game in development, it's a fine balancing act for the studio to decide how much game information and visual spoilers they can release to keep people excited,  whilst keeping the bulk of the concept and game play ideas a secret for what should be obvious reasons.

I signed a NDA (None Disclosure Agreement)  when I joined the studio, which is standard practice that ensures people don't go blabbing about plans and projects in development for EoC.

This can be frustrating on a selfish level because I want to show off my own personal contribution to the games development,  which I don't consider to be insignificant due to the fact I am the only environment texture artist amongst the 50 other studio members.

We have modelers, riggers, animators, designers, story writers, music composers, coders, tech heads, (For want of a better word)  vocalists, concept artists and so many more
roles that I cannot remember at this very moment in time!

I would estimate over the last 14 months  I have "donated" around 1000 textures created specifically for the development of Embers of Caerus.

Today at last, I can now show off some of my handy work. (yay!)

The renders displayed in this post are 3D projects created by Lee Perkins, the Art Director at Forsaken Studios and the chap I work directly with.

The textures used in these models were created by myself and I guess I am proud hence I am publishing them in this blog post!

It's rare that I see what most people make with the textures I create and sell,  so it's rarer still to see them rendered in a good 3D project.

I have learned so much as a result of working with Forsaken Studios, in part because Lee is a self confessed perfectionist who is not afraid to say "That's rubbish Liz..try again!"
It used to sting but he's always right when he shows me any flaws and faults in my work.

I wouldn't have it any other way, it's because of Lees high standards that I have become a lot more of a perfectionist with my own work and a better texture artist as a result.


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