Friday, 14 December 2012

Second Life Avi Choice Awards

I wasn't going to write a post about this because it could be misconstrued as gloating. I can assure you, I am not!

I got this flyer about a week ago:

Official Flyer SL Avi Choice Awards.

It's for the Second Life Avi Choice Awards which I have never heard of because I generally keep myself to myself in Second Life so social networking is my weakness.

I glanced at it, wondered why it had been sent to me then forgot all about it.

Today, I was sent a notecard congratulating me on being nominated and asking me to prepare an acceptance speech if I planned on attending and assuming I had enough votes to win, the speech would be read out by the radio host.
I was also instructed to sit on the chair marked "X" if I heard my name called out by the radio DJ.

Sadly, 6pm SL time is 2am UK time  :(

I went to the website and researched what I had been nominated for and the categories and I am guessing its the "Home and Gardens"category but I really do not know.
This is the first I knew anything about it.

I have to say, I am baffled. It's deeply flattering and a huge honor but I cannot understand who or why anyone would nominate me.

I did write a little speech but then it's hard to write a thank you speech when I don't believe for one minute I would ever win.

There are so many designers out there and many much more skilled than I so I can only assume I was nominated because of how old my account and TRU Textures is.

I opened TRU Textures within Second Life in 2005 so it's close to eight years old and I guess most of us oldies have vanished over the years.  I guess the fact I am  "still kicking" is an achievement of sorts :)

Anyway, I won't be attending and so by default, I won't be collecting any awards.. lol (I might have if I believed I had a cat in Hells chance! As if!)

But I felt I should say "Thank you" to those people (Or person? lol) who put my name forward.

It's very touching; But really, I am no different to the thousands of other SL designers who are working from their homes and just trying to make an income from doing something they love....and that's reward enough really.. how many people can say "I love what I do for a living?" I am blessed and grateful.

So anyway, thank you for the gesture and kind thoughts...who ever you are!

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