Sunday, 16 December 2012

Avi Choice Awards 2012 - Favorite Texture Store TRU Textures

TRU Textures Voted Favorite Texture Store.

I feel I must say a huge Thank You and an even bigger Sorry to anyone and everyone that voted for TRU Textures Ltd in the Second Life Avi Choice Awards 2012.

I am so sorry I was not able to be there to collect the award for "Favorite Texture Store"

WOW... I mean...really..WOW lol I am trying not to come over too sickly sweet but I am so touched by this mainly because I did not see it coming and SL is such a HUGE platform with so many texture artists and many (SO many) I admire and envy because of their skills... 

Of course, some of them are with TRU and I have to say Thorian Pennell and Elizabeth Tinsley, (Who are partners of TRU)  have both played huge roles over the years so I cannot take full credit for this award. 

I was under the impression the ceremony was Friday at 2AM UK time which I could not attend. Apparently it was postponed until Today at 10am SLT and I was sadly, unaware. 

I feel sorry for myself for not actually being part of something so very flattering and guilty for those that voted for us and I was not there in person.

Anyway, here is a transcript of the speech I had prepared and I assume read out by the radio host in my absence.

Thank you so much for this.

I was asked to write this acceptance speech at the time I was informed I had been nominated for the Avi Choice Awards, just earlier today actually, so it's a little surreal to try and think of something I would say as though I had already won,  which I really don't think I will,  but anyways... 

I am not really sure who or why anyone would consider me to be a worthy Nominee for such an award,  but who ever you are "thank you" 

I am  just one of thousands of people who are all doing the same thing,  in their own unique and creative ways in Second Life and  I am certain there are many who are much more talented than me, so again, it is an unexpected honor to be even considered worthy,  regardless of whether I won or not. 

Thanks again.

Liz Gallagher
LillyBeth Filth 

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