Saturday, 3 November 2012

Worn Weathered Cracked Plaster & Cement Textures With Normal Maps

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Both as a texture artist and in general, I am drawn to old, derelict buildings over new, clean and modern architecture.

On my travels, I just can't get enough of the Victorian cotton mill factories with the crumbling walls with drains all rusted up and practically falling away from the walls.

To me, they're beautiful and inspirational.

With that in mind and following on from The Rite texture set  I made a week ago (Which is proving to be very popular on the SL Marketplace!)   I decided to go back to the basics of that collection and make a series of bare walls along with the Normal maps for content creators of mesh and models.

There are 10 Diffuse textures each with a Normal maps and as always, they tile on both axis.

They're currently available from the SL Marketplace for 450 Linden Dollars 

As always, they will be available for use outside of Second Life such as and other virtual worlds as well as extended use for projects not related to virtual worlds at all.

Please visit TRU Textures website to see & purchase these and 50,000 other seamless textures and get up to 60% discount by buying Discount Credits too!

Reduced Size Sample - Normal Map.

Reduced Size Diffuse Map Sample. 

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