Saturday, 20 October 2012

Seamless Fallen Leaves On Alpha Transparent Background Textures

Click to view.
Elizabeth Tinsley, my right hand woman with TRU suggested I made some of these months ago.

So yesterday, I started playing and today, they're finished!

These would be great for use in Second Life applied directly onto sculpted or regular prims to layer over your current terrain textures as well as tree toppers also applied to sculpted tree top maps.

There are 35 textures which have a selection of leaves ranging from Oak, Maple. Silver Maple, Elm, Poplar and a combination of all leaves mixed up together.

They range in density too.

They can be purchased as a collection for licensed use in Second Life for 600 Linden Dollars here: 

Like all of my textures, they will also be available for use under extended licenses from and from TRU Textures Website for approx $4.99 (depending on the license type)


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