Monday, 15 October 2012

Mossy Ancient Cobble Pavment Textures

20 Seamless Mossy Paving Textures
I am really pleased with the quality of these 20 textures.

They were created with software not associated with Photoshop called Substance Designer 3 which will make them very unique and not too easy to replicate.

Whilst I designed them, I imagined them to be used in ancient forest grounds or perhaps some overgrown magical garden but I see no reason why they couldn't also be used as wall textures too.

They're sized 1024 x 1024 pixels and as always, they tile on both axis.

They can be purchased for use in Second Life for 500 Linden Dollars for the collection.

You can see them in world by clicking this SLurl  (Second Life Account Needed)

They're also available from the Second Life Marketplace  and as always, they will be available for licensed use outside of from and the TRU Textures Website   very soon.
If you require Normal Maps, then please visit were they can be purchased for $9.99 complete with 20 Diffuse and 20 Normal Maps.

Here are some samples:

Click to view.

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