Sunday, 7 October 2012

"Haunted Hut" Halloween 2012 Game Texture Collection - Work In Progress

Haunted Hut 2012 WIP Sample Exterior
I was playing in Photoshop late last night, trying to come up with something to ignite my creative Mojo which has been hibernating it seems, for an age!

Anyway, much to my surprise, I came up with my new themed game texture collection;
"The Haunted Hut" (Catchy, I know! lol

I plan on creating both exterior and matching interior collections which will include three window designs.
Each of the three window design will come as black opaque and transparent (For use in virtual worlds like

For me, it all starts with the base wall, the background.
The wood siding displayed on the exterior sample, (Above) took me two hours to create.
I plan on adding as much variety as possible by ensuring each exterior wall texture has different areas where the wood planks have broken away, as detailed above.

As weird as this may seem, the texture for the wall is what helps me to bring all of the decorative elements together,  such as the windows, paneling, drapes, columns and other details that bring a game texture collection to life.

Once I have the wall texture down, I know which bits and pieces will work well with it.
Haunted Hut 2012 WIP Sample Interior

I am really pleased with how the interior wall texture came out, especially the tattered, peeling wallpaper.

I plan to add some cobwebs and candle wall lights.

Whilst I have previously stayed away from adding framed pictures to previous wall textures, I might experiment with some Vintage portraits just to give it a Haunted feel.

My Gothic and run down game textures have always proven to be my most popular creations with customers new and old and I suspect that is because I enjoy creating them.

Even in real life, my eye is drawn more to derelict, run down buildings compared to ultra new and contemporary architecture.
Old houses have so many stories to tell.  

If you would like to see more of my work or are interested in purchasing game textures, please visit the TRU Textures website.

Many thanks for reading.

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