Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Free Seamless Indian Temple Wall Texture With Bump Maps


So, I wrote to the author who took this photo on Flickr over a year ago asking if I could use the photo as a derivative source to a commercial texture collection I had plans on making.
I offered a small token gesture fee of $15.00 but the chap was really nice about it and said I could have it for nothing.

I created a seamless (left to right) texture by selecting some of the statues and positioning them in front of the upper and lower ledge which was from a different photo source of my own and here it is rendered in a 3D engine:

 It's been sat on my hard drive for a full year and I can't link it to any existing texture collection so I am going to set it up here for people to download along with the Normal, Height, Specular, Ambient and Curvature map.

I would love feedback on how these maps translate in various 3D applications as what looks OK in my 3D render may suck in a game engine or a piece of software I am not using.

3D maps are still a learning curve for me so as I say, any feedback, good or bad, as long as it's constructive is much appreciated!

These maps are 2048 x 2048 Pixels:

License Terms & Conditions:
These texture maps can be used in personal and commercial projects providing the textures are not redistributed "as" textures,  edited or not.

Diffuse Map

Normal Map.

Spec Map.

Height Map

Ambient Map

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