Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Free Seamless Grass Terrain Texture

3D Preview
I have been learning and experimenting with some new software called Substance Designer 3 which cost me almost as much as Photoshop did so I am determined to grasp the concept of creating my own substances...if it drives me nuts!

In the meantime, as I pre ordered version 3 and completed a survey, the makers gave me $150 worth of vouchers which I used on some pre made substances which can be opened and altered to suit using sliders and buttons.

If you want to reverse engineer an .sbs file (the native file format for SD3) you can open the node graph which can have anything up to 400 separate nodes, each with it's own effect on the final output.

It's complex to say the least and up until obtaining these pre made substances I was pulling my hair out trying to learn maths and script and code! ugh!

Anyway, this is a substance that was priced at $5.00.

It's lovely. But I am glad I didn't pay for it because this is all it offers. Daisies at various sizes or on and off. Very limited.

I would like to be able to replace the daisies and the grass with my own seamless photo sources and perhaps blend it will various levels of mud mounds but hey...I am still learning!

So, I cant make a 10 piece texture set of the same daisies on grass so figured I may as well give this away.

It comes with the bump maps below and tiles on both axis.

Usage License: 
You may use these textures in personal and commercial projects.
You may not, under any circumstances, redistribute these textures "as" textures in their original or modified state.

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