Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Talking Dog Daschund hot dog talking standing NOT funny

I found this video on YouTube and I used the exact same title in this post as the author did for their video because clearly they used search terms for people to be able to find their video.

Nothing wrong with that in itself but what concerns me is how other Dachshund owners or potential owners might watch this and think "Oh how cute! I am going to teach my Doxie to do the same thing!"

I did leave a comment asking the author and watchers to type IVDD into YouTube to see the 100s of videos of paralyzed Dachshunds either in cages (Forced to rest for 8 weeks) or later, wheel chair things if their spines do not heal.
It was not an attack on the author more a of a warning to other people who might not know any better.

However,  my comment was removed (immediately) which made feel compelled to post my "warning" here.

The least the author could do was add some kind of disclosure in the information about IVDD and acknowledge they no longer encouraged their daxie to do this trick as "responsible loving dog owners."  

Teaching a dog with an elongated spine such as a Dachshund or a Basset Hound  (Both breeds I have owned) to do absolutely unnatural body contortion tricks is a time bomb waiting to happen.

I have my own mini Daxie in a crate for 3 weeks now.

His back legs are paralyzed.

I have to bring food and water to his crate, carry him very carefully to and from the yard to encourage him to drag his bottom along the floor to then urinate all over himself and/or hold his bum up as he poos or wees (If he lets me! He is not used to such interference!)

I have to have him in some kind of container where ever I am in the house.

I have to feed him the steroids prescribed for him which so far have done nothing.

Clean the accidents up when they happen in the crate.

I have to monitor what goes in and when so I can then try and calculate when it's due to come out.

And all of this in the hopes that perhaps in 8 weeks he MAY be able to use a cart (wheels) for 6 months and then he MAY be able to regain some of his rear leg mobility.

Many don't
Some do.

And I am lucky. Harvey does not have pain (many do) and he can wag his tail which is a positive sign.

You don't know just how independent your dog is until he can't walk to his food bowls, or to the garden to do his business.
And watching him caged up 98% of the day for 8 weeks is no barrel of laughs either.

So I am going to do what the author of this video is refusing to do and that is try and demonstrate WHY this is the worst thing you can train a Dachshund to do.

And here is why:

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