Monday, 9 July 2012

CandleKeep Fantasy Medieval TreeHouse Texture Collections

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Took me 2 weeks to make this! I have been so far out of the loop I lost my mojo!

Anyway.. 90 textures which are sized 1024 x 1204

Featuring 4 styles of Gothic stone windows with leaded glass, wood shutters and Bronze lattice as well as a night time glow option too.

They're available in three collections at 750 Linden Dollars per 30 piece set.

The walls are a combination of stone and tree bark bricks leaning very much towards a fantasy genre.

There are also stone tile floor textures with and without creeping vines and Ivy Vine overlays.

You can see and purchase them from within Second Life by clicking this SLurl   
They're also available as a complete collection of 90 textures from the Second Life Marketplace for 2000 Linden Dollars.

For use outside of Second Life in and on other grids and virtual worlds like, they can be purchased under the Any World License from TRU Textures website

For usein projects not related to online virtual worlds, they can be purchased under the Extended License from TRU Textures.

I will also upload them to and where they can be purchased as individual textures for as little as 50 cents each.
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