Saturday, 23 June 2012

Oasis Aerial Desert Terrain Texture Kit With Palm Tree Textures

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As mentioned in my last post, about the Greenlands Aerial Terrain textures, I was working on a desert version.

And here they are.

Now, I decided to add some "props" to mix them up a little so I added a few palm trees to just four of the ten textures mainly as a demonstration of the possible uses for them.

Then I decided; "Why not include the Palm Trees too?" So I did.
I decided people might want to customize them for flight simulation games or 2D 3D war games etc.

There are 14 terrain and 14 Palm tree textures in the kit.

So here are the links for purchasing:
For use within solely, they can be purchased for 800 Linden Dollars from the SL Marketplace
They are also available from within Second Life from the TRU Textures store (Terrain Department)

For use in other grids and virtual worlds, like, etc, they can be purchased under the "Any World License" from the TRU Textures website

For any other type of use, game development, background scenes in 2D and 3D projects and concept art, they're also available under the "Extended License" from TRU Textures, and too.

Many thanks for looking! 

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