Saturday, 16 June 2012

I Give a Buck About Sandbox Gaming - Embers of Caerus Kickstarter

 The First Peek at the Massive World of EoC. Map art by me!  
So the KickStarter campaign for the development of the Embers of Caerus prototype is drawing to an end soon.

And we at Forsaken Studios are now trying to drum up as many $1.00 backers as possible.

At this stage, it's really about the amount of backers more than the amount of dollars.

We reached our target of $25,000 one week into the campaign. 
Which is great!

Why Don't You Give a Buck?
We are all really excited and enthusiastic to see how many people believe in what we're trying to achieve as much as we are.
And by backing us on the Kickstarter campaign, clearly demonstrates this. 

There are 50 people involved with Forsaken Studios and the development of Embers of Caerus.

That's 50 people from all walks of life and ranging from 3D modelers, riggers, concept artists, writers, music composers, coders, game designers and technical gurus who all work 100% voluntary with no outside funding.

Now, I am not going to lie. I have always been driven by cash income and even more so in this crappy economy, so working for free was an alien concept to me.

It's now been seven months now since I joined Forsaken Studios and I have donated a lot of my time, work and some might say, sanity!

Right at the start, before I grew to know much about the concept of EoC and the team I work with, I donated a fairly significant amount of my own money for some software we needed and couldn't afford and I know I am not the only one in the team that has invested financially.

But none of us are "loaded"

We're just a bunch of ordinary people who work in ordinary jobs and working in our spare time on EoC,  so there is only so much we can invest financially by ourselves, hence we launched the KickStarter Campaign.

Qadaroth - Concept Art.

What we're working towards now is a working prototype to present to potential investors and game publishers.

At the time of this post being published, we have 329 backers and
are 10K over the 25K target.

But with just a few days to go, we are fighting tooth and nail to gather as many additional backers as we can.

All of the financial support we get from this campaign goes towards the creation of the Prototype.
Any additional funding above the target will allow us to work even faster and a bit easier by using better tools and software licensing that we do not have access to at the moment.

The more "backers" we get from Kickstarter will go towards demonstrating and inspiring potential investors to get Embers of Caerus published. 

Plus there are some amazing "Money Can't Buy" incentives for our $5.00 (or more) backers.
It's worth a visit just to check them out.

KickStarter EoC Rewards Chart

Every $1.00 pledge is one more "backer" and every backer counts when you are trying to demonstrate how much faith and belief you have in something you want to make happen,  because it shows we have a following, people who want to see Embers of Caerus happen!

So, please PLEASE (A big fat please with cherries on top) go flip a dollar in the "I give a Buck" tin by clicking this link

And finally, a massive "thank you" for supporting and helping us to create something unique, original and too epic for many studios to even dare to dream about.

Valdeonia - Concept Art.

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