Thursday, 21 June 2012

Greenlands - Aerial View Terrain Texture Collection

Beautiful Mountain & Lake Terrain Textures

 Commercially licensed and available from  And our very own TRU Textures website under various licenses.

For use in only, they can be purchased for 500 Linden Dollars (Approx $2.43) from the SL Marketplace

I absolutely love creating these, at a glance they could be photographs taken from a plane. But they're actually procedural textures.
What I didn't love was the one hour render for each image.

It literally took me 3 days to create these 11 images.

I am currently working on a Desert terrain theme at the moment, number two from that set is currently rendering as I write this.

I would imagine they might appeal to Flight Simulation game developers, Sky Boxes, or perhaps used as background scenes in 2D and 3D renders or even as a blank canvas for some concept artwork.

There may be uses I haven't thought about but either way, they were fun to create.
Click to View.

They are non tiling. I have thought about making some additional collections that do tile and adding some vegetation such as trees and rocks but I decided maybe people who buy them would prefer to do that themselves, to suit their project requirements.

Watch this space for the "Oasis" desert theme collection I am currently working on and many thanks for looking!

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