Saturday, 26 May 2012

Retro Print Fashion Fabric Textures - TRU Textures - Elizabeth Gallagher

30 Tiling Floral Fashion Fabric Textures
For use within they can be purchased for 450 Linden Dollars from the SL Marketplace 

They will also be available from the TRU Textures website for direct download to your PC and licensed for use outside on other grids as well as under the Extended License for use in all types of commercial and personal projects.

Finally, they will be also featured on and

Thanks for looking!

I am having so much fun learning the very basics of Adobe Illustrator which I have on a rental basis at the rather pricey fee of £27 a month direct from Adobe.

I do not want to commit to the £500 investment until I can decide whether I will actually get my monies worth from it.

I do enjoy making these fabrics but whether there is a market for them is another matter.

I have some seamless fur textures which are one of my best selling products across the different platforms so I figured "fashion" might be an area to explore.

The earlier versions of fabrics I made which feature skulls and flora are doing OK but they're not exactly flying off the shelves. But then, nothing is at the moment.

Its the great summer slow down, when people leave the PC and go out and play in the sun. It scares me every year.
I am really looking for something more stable now in terms of income. My nerves can no longer handle the uncertainty of consumer confidence in the current economy.

I need to know I will have X amount of income coming in every month just for peace of mind more than anything.

So, I am planning to be pro-active and try and find some subcontract paid work where I can contribute with my current skill set whilst perhaps developing new ones.

I will get my resume made up over the next week and do some research. It's either that or back to my "same old safe bet" Sales and Marketing.

I will come back with the URLs for these fashion fabric textures on Sunday.

Here are some samples from the pack:

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