Sunday, 20 May 2012

Forsaken Studios Embers of Caerus - Website FaceLift

We have so much going on at Forsaken Studios at the moment and most of it I can't really disclose. (It would spoil the surprise but more importantly, I would get "Booted and Muted" by the team lol)

But what I can chat about is the Embers of Careus new website.. (yay)

I have been working on different elements (The Trailer above is one of those elements, so keep your eyes peeled for the full release of that) which will be featured on the new website probably over this next week.

I will be lurking in the background of the EoC forums to see how the community respond. lol

EoC Concept Art - Click for Full Size.

I have to say, we have some very talented people involved with EoC  and they all come from wide and varied professional fields.

Musical composers and lyricists, singers, writers, concept, environment and *coughs* texture artists,  not to mention the technical side of things of which I know nothing!
These people are renowned within their own right so it's an absolute honor to be working alongside them.

It also demonstrates, to me at least, that if this caliber of people are willing to donate their time and skill in support of the development of EoC , then that's very telling of their belief in the success of our project.

The size of the team alone is vast. I don't know of many indie game studios, but over 50 people all giving their time and skill on a 100% voluntary basis is testament in itself that what we're working on is something very special and unique and unlike anything out there at present.

Although I am not a true gamer, even I can see how uniquely huge and complex Embers of Caerus is going to be and how that would translate into the time line of game play.

We are trying to achieve something that has never really been pushed to these limits before.

Eco systems, realistic time lines when hunting, traveling, fighting, developing skills in order to build your village or fort or for forging armor etc.

EoC Concept Art - Click for Full Size.

I personally can't really do the game play concept justice for it's just too vast for me to sum up in this blog.

I suggest you go over to the EoC forums and read up on some plans and community suggestions and perhaps more importantly, go and make some of your own suggestions over there.

Perhaps you have a particular itch that so far hasn't been scratched with any of the existing MMORPG's so let us hear about it.

Community feedback is very important to the development of EoC because if we cannot please the very people we hope will be playing EoC,  then essentially we have failed before we ever begun.

Keeping in contact with the community is crucial to the development of EoC in order that we don't make the same mistakes other game developers have made (and continue to make) and loose sight of who the game is for and about.  And hopefully that's you, the player.
EoC Concept Art - Click for Full Size.

Finally, if after researching EoC, you find yourself excited about the potential of what we're working on, please help us spread the word to other people like yourself by voting for us on the games list. 

(Most Hyped -Games in Development)

Thank you!

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