Thursday, 3 May 2012

Forsaken Studios Embers of Caerus - Developer Diary - Dave Belcher

So far we  at Forsaken Studios have been playing our cards close to our chest when it comes to plans, design and game play concepts.

So much so that I haven't dared blog about my ongoing involvement as a texture artist as I have gained an "in house" reputation for revealing too much info here so I stopped!  lol

So anyway, I think it's safe to share this video of Dave Belcher,  the Technical Director and co founder of Forsaken Studios discussing "Siege Warfare" whilst also discussing the plans to go with  "Kickstarter" to raise funding for the development of the prototype we're working on.

And on a "Blow Your Own Trumpet" theme (If you don't blow your own.....and all of that..)  it occurred to me recently that as the only texture artists with Forsaken Studios, I have single handedly textured an entire continent from the ground (terrain) right up to the roof tops...I wish I could provide some kind of visual demonstration of my efforts but I will get tarred and feathered by Lee, my direct manager and Art Director.

Anyway, enough about me...listen to what Dave reveals about our plans and progress for the development of Embers Of Caerus. (EoC)

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