Saturday, 12 May 2012

Fashion Fabric Textures Skull & Roses Version 4

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Ok, I think I can put this theme to bed now.

They seem to be doing OK on third party websites like

Not so sure about Second Life, with the exception of a customer contacting me in relation to the non delivery of one of the volumes, I  haven't checked the sales.

They have been fun to make and I may continue with more but leaning towards just the floral and pattern themes.

I have been really busy working on a project for Embers Of Caerus (Forsaken Studios) this last week.

Whilst I cannot disclose what I was working on I can say it will be revealed any time soon!
I will link it back and do a post on it.

The task once again pushed me out of my comfort zone and I didn't half kick up a fuss whining to Lee, the Art Director declaring that:
 "I am not the best person for this job...a concept artist would do it justice but I can't hand draw and....but....well....what if....?"

I had a confidence crisis because I was on quite a tight deadline and so after just two hours of trying to get the bits and pieces in place, what I saw forming in-front of me was butt clenching embarrassing.

Lee,  cut me no slack, basically told me he knew I could do better and so to "show me"

I was very pissy at that point lol

I am a royal PITA when I am pushed out of my comfort zone as Lee knows because he asked me if I wanted a tissue lol (brute!)
But as I explained to him later, I was glad he kept on pushing because I actually surprised myself.

What I finally finished after two full days was something I am really proud with mostly because I didn't think I could pull it off but also because if they think its good enough it must be because they don't just "settle"

Its one thing messing about with concepts in your own mind and from your imagination because if you find it's not coming together, you just change the direction.

Can't do that when you are creating something specific to another person or teams goals and visions.
If you can't work with what you know and the skill set you have, you just have to work out another way around the process.

Anyway, as I say all will be revealed very soon and I can show you exactly what caused such trepidation for me.

Back to these Skull and Roses Fashion Fabric Textures, they come as a collection of 25 seamless textures.
The price, as always differs depending on where you buy them from and the License and usage you require.

For use in you can buy them by visiting the TRU Textures store in SL by clicking this SLurland They are priced 400 Linden Dollars for 25 textures.

They're also available from the SL Marketplace.

For use under an Extended License (Use outside of please visit our website TRU Textures - and purchase them with either the Any World or Extended License, depending on your intended use.

They are also available from (Textures Category) and our stock website,

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