Wednesday, 2 May 2012 Colibri Nano e Ciggarette - Review "Size isn't everything"

UPDATE: - 3 Hours after writing this post:

I have just attached a new Coffee flavour Cartomizer to my Colibri Nano e-cigarette and it's wonderful!
I don't have to draw too hard to get a nice throat hit, the vapor on the exhale is thick and white but more importantly, sweet wonderful coffee taste that I can actually taste a little on the tip and no chemical aftertaste AT ALL. 

So I am baffled. If all of the coffee cartridges from e-puffer tasted this good I would be a happy customer but the 3 I tried today (from the same packet) had almost no coffee taste and an awful chemical "petrol" type smell and taste. 

I am just glad I have a huge amount of e-liquid being delivered in the next two days with some new "fill your own" type Cartomizers.....when these e-cigs are good, they're so much more enjoyable than regular real fags... I did not think I would like all of the sweet and fruity options but like most people, I have found I prefer them to the attempt on tobacco flavours thus far

This was my first re chargeable vapor cigarette
and I picked it purely on the size.

I had tried just two different brand disposables and whilst one of them impressed me with the amount of vapor and throat hit,  it was not cost effective to buy one a day at £6.50.

Also smoking to me is about the hand to mouth actions as I work.
I am used to sitting at the PC with a cigarette in my hand, dropping ash everywhere ...painting a classy picture yet?

So I decided I needed an e-cig that was the same size as a real one so I could continue with the physical actions of smoking.

I got my Colibri Nano starter kit fast.

I was excited.!

It comes with 5 different strength nicotine cartridges ranging from 1.2mg down to 0.0mg.

I also got a 5 pack of both Tobacco and Coffee 0.6mg nicotine strength of cartridges, which you screw on to the end of the actual unit when the old cartridge runs dry, about 4 - 5 hours.

I am not going to bang on about size, weight etc, there's a heap of paid for and non paid for reviews that talk about how classy the packaging is etc, I ain't smoking the packaging!

Bottom line, I am NOT a happy bunny.

The  tobacco flavor is just rank awful. The coffee smells nice but it doesn't taste of coffee...but it "is" better than the default tobacco flavor.

That aside, what is totally not acceptable is the disgusting chemical aftertaste I am getting and which remains with me all day. I can taste it as soon as I exhale and it doesn't fade much until I need another drag. Now and again I would get a really full and fulfilling draw on the coffee type but it was once every 20 puffs, the rest just tasted of chemical.

I think in hindsight I ordered too weak a nicotine strength. I got the 0.6mg because it was described as "light smoker" and whilst I used to smoke 20 a day, they were Silk Cut Silver with 0.1mg nicotine and 1gm Tar so I assumed this strength would suffice.
It doesn't.

If that wasn't bad enough, my tongue and in particular the tip of it is numb or kinda sore or some point my whole mouth tasted like cigarette lighter fluid and my tongue was sore but numb in places and it made me NOT want to pick the Colibri Nano up.

But I don't (and won't) pick up the Silk Cut Silver real ciggies I have in the same room.

Instead, I have purchased another starter kit from Liberro UK and a heap of e-liquids as this model works on you actually filling the cartridges with e-liquid rather than having pre filled ones that the Colibri does.

I wrote to e-puffer about my negative experience. They offered for me to send the non used stuff back for a refund but that's all I have other than the real ciggies in my drawer.

Once you make a mental decision to stop smoking it's not something you can keep making excuses for,
so I will keep the nano unit, try different e-juice in one of the blank cartridges and hope the Liberro has a better vapor, throat hit, taste and no chemical, tongue numbing after effects.

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