Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Embers of Caerus - Kickstarter - Help Make Gaming History By Investing In The Next Gen MMORPG

I know I am going to be biased here because I have been working with Forsaken Studios for six months on a voluntary basis but I wouldn't be doing so if I didn't truly believe that what we are working on is going to change the face of online gaming on so many levels.

There are over 50 people in our indie team all from a wide range of professions and all, like me, supporting the development of Embers of Caerus.

Some of us invest our time, work and skill, some invest with small amounts of our own money and others still invest with a bit of both, because we all totally believe in the project we're involved with.

But creating a game this ambitious requires more than we can do on our own.

If you are a MMORPG gamer, please research our plans, goals and ambitions by visiting the Embers of Caerus official website   and/or the Embers of Caerus Kickstarter investor page.

And if you like what you see, check out the rewards for being one of our official investors.

Some of the rewards are the closest thing to becoming immortal (Online) as you can get.

Here are just a few examples and extracts taken from the Kickstarter page 


So what do you get for your pledge? We want to make it worth your while, so we’re offering a whole host of rewards to show our eternal gratitude. We wanted to give you plenty of cool stuff for when this game releases, but as this project is just for an investor prototype, and release of the game is quite far away, we have also made sure to add in lots of rewards you can get your hands on right away! Every level of reward offers early adopters fantastic rewards, from in-game assets and wallpaper, all the way up to super-deluxe offerings including wining and dining with our executives and tours of the Forsaken Studios offices. You’ll find a summary in the list to the right, but here is a detailed list of all the rewards:

Reserve Your Name!

Every Squire and above will be able to reserve their character's name for release! Names should include a first and last name, and are subject to a sensible naming policy (no vulgar names, no trademarked names etc.) and availability. Name reservations will be allocated on a supporter level, then first-come, first-served basis. Reserved names will be held for up to 6 months after release, and can be changed up until 1 month prior to release.

Child of Prophecy Special Reward

"The Prophecy" - Your character name will be written into the lore of the game by a prophet in their books, journals and scrolls for others to discover and read about in the game world. You will also start the game with a fragment of a prophecy scroll that may help lead to a great discovery!

Faction Heraldry!

Every Baron, Baroness and higher will gain access to special faction specific heraldry, which they can use in-game to apply to any shields, banners or certain clothing! Pick your faction, and show their colours with pride!

Get Your Face in the Game!

For the Defenders of Caerus and above, we are providing you the opportunity to have your face in the game! We will use pictures of you to create a character in your likeness which will play an important role in Embers of Caerus, and will be in the game at release!

Create your own Custom Heraldry!

As a Defender of Caerus or above, we really want you to stand out in a crowd. Therefore, we are providing you the opportunity to work with our artists to design a fully customised, and beautifully created custom heraldry which will be available to you in-game to apply to any shield, banner, or certain clothing!

Name a Landmark!

As a Lord/Lady of Caerus or higher, we are giving you the opportunity to have a landmark in the game named after you, or a loved one. We will provide supporting lore, and a special monument on the spot for players to discover! (Subject to naming policy and theme).


We have not asked for much compared to most game developers on Kickstarter , just enough to enable us to create a quality prototype to present to potential investors so that we may continue to create and publish the "Best it can be" next generation MMORPG,  which I believe will change the face of online gaming as we know it.

Any amount, no matter how small would be so very much appreciated. Thank you. 

Pssstt! I drew that map below! I had a right paddy at first as I wasn't sure I could pull it off, I considered it more of a Concept Artists job...but they wouldn't let me wriggle out of it and in the end, it came together and I am chuffed because I feel I overcame some personal confidence issues! 

"I did this!!"   First Look At The EoC World

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