Friday, 4 May 2012

e-cigarettes - Liberro Realis Review

Well, as I posted several days ago, I have stopped smoking "real" cigarettes (Silk Cut Silver) after I purchased a disposable e-cigarette from the local garage.

I wasn't expecting much and it was a lot longer and heavier than a real cig but the actual oral smoking sensation was just like smoking a different brand.
The vapor (smoke replica) exhales looked exactly like real smoke.

I carried on using that for the rest of the day and discovered I could, with very little issue, not bother about picking up one of my "real" Silk Cuts.

As a disposable unit, I knew there would be better alternatives in the rechargeable variety so I did a little research and opted on the Colibri nano e-cig.
Mainly because the sales pitch was aimed at its size being "like for like" to a real cigarette.

The package, which cost me £59.99 arrived within two days and I was excited when I was waiting for it to charge.

However, the actual experience was really bad.

1) Whilst it is indeed a small unit, it's much much heavier than a real cig,  so trying to switch over in the "hand to mouth" habit of smoking was futile.

Despite the You Tube video of a girl (Who does a lot of reviews on e-cigs) and another from a man who was amazed at: "how small and light" it was, trust me, it's not.

Sure, compared to the older versions of e-cigs like the Screwdriver, (Named based on the fact it as as big and heavy and looks like a screwdriver!) the Colibri is indeed small.
But do not be fooled into thinking it will fool your subconscious mind that you're smoking the real thing, because its just too heavy.
I ended up having to put it down on the desk when I wasn't using it were as a real cig would remain between my fingers most of the time.

That aside, I could have adapted to that if the oral smoking experience was good.

It isn't and that leads me onto the second issue.

2) The pre filled cartridges that come with the start pack for the Colibri were varied in nicotine strength ranging from 1.2mg to 0.0mg.

I used to smoke one of the lightest brands going, Silk Cut Silver,  so I don't need or want a strong throat hit.
But these cartridges (Including the additional two 0.6mg nicotine packs I bought) had little to no throat hit and very little vapor on the exhale.

Now and again I would get a good run and have several draws that tasted good and felt like the real deal, but for the most part the cartridges were poor in taste and even poorer in replicating the inhale from a real cigarette.

3) If that wasn't bad enough, the two days I used the Colibri Nano cartridges, I developed a nasty chemical after taste and the tip of my tongue was numb and sore.

I wrote to them and they didn't really give me any feedback other than to check the ingredients and see if I was allergic or known to have a sensitivity to them.

Anyway, by then I was already moving on.

After more research and actual Facebook user feedback, I bought the Liberro Realis starter kit as well as heaps of different e-liquids from the Liberro brand and also the Johnson Creek brand, which has a very good reputation.

When I opened the pack, the Realis is a touch thicker than the Colibri but the same length and more importantly, half as light.
This was the closest thing to the size and weight of a real cigarettes I had experienced.

Alos, the e-liquids are amazing.
I love the Johnson Creek Black Cherry liquid, it tastes and smells like real cherries and you get a very good throat hit and twice as much vapor on exhalation compared to the Colibri.

The starter pack came with a portable recharger , which I won't use as I just have it plugged into my PC on charge constantly.

It comes with two batteries (The longer part  of the two piece e-cigt, the bit that would have all of the tobacco in with a real cigarette)  so you have one on charge as you're using the other and when one runs out, you just swap.

There is NO chemical after taste and my tongue is no longer numb so I suspect that comes from the Colibri cartridges and/or their brand of e-liquid.

I can hold it in my mouth for the brief period, unsupported by my fingers,  when I am taking a drag, just like most smokers do when they smoke real cigs.

In fact, several times I have gone to flick the ash from it (Even though it doesn't create any) which tells me that my subconscious mind is tricked into thinking I am really smoking and "that" is what every new e-cigarette smoker wants, as close as possible to the real thing only without the chemicals and tobacco that kills you.

It "feels" almost like a real cigarette when I am typing, like now.
I currently have it between my middle and forefinger as I type, which is what I would have done when I smoked for real.

I have not smoked a real cig for 48 hours now and the 3 days before that, I only smoked 3 Silk Cuts.

I honestly feel like I prefer e-cigs to real ones, now I have the Liberro Realis because of the different fruity and sweet flavours, which I was convinced I wouldn't like assuming I would opt for a tobacco option.

Unlike the Colibri, the cartridges are advertised as "refillable" which is a MUST.

The cost of disposable cartridges adds up fast.
Most companies claim they last the same as smoking 10 - 15 real cigs. They don't,  and I don't think it matters which company you get them from on that score, they last about one to two hours.

So having a good supply of e-juice on hand to refill them means you are saving about 85% in cost compared to throwing used cartridges away and attaching new ones.

So, there you have it.

I am now officially an ex smoker and the Realis e-cig is the one to go for if you, like me, are new to vapor smoking.

BTW, I am not being paid for this review nor do I get benefit from referring people to their site.


  1. I fully agree that the Liberro Realis is awesome and have been using it for 3 and a half weeks and not had a single cigarette in all that time - i was smoking 30 a day for 31 years!

  2. how come my comment from yesterday didnt show up?

  3. I'm currently using the Liberro Realis. I have used the eGo/Tornado in the past but found problems with the model. I am one of those guys that doesn't like all these fiddly parts and components and huge screwdriver thingies. The vapour production on the Realis though is superb for its size - and remember that's coming from someone who used to vape a Tornado.

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  5. I'm an ex heavy smoker, but currently been using eCigs to help stop smoking, and have been successfully without real cigarette smoking for 1 month 1 week, and I feel much healthier! Currently im reducing the amount of nicotine in my eCigs aswell, so i'll soon be clear. Thanks, @Laura:)
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