Saturday, 26 May 2012

Retro Print Fashion Fabric Textures - TRU Textures - Elizabeth Gallagher

30 Tiling Floral Fashion Fabric Textures
For use within they can be purchased for 450 Linden Dollars from the SL Marketplace 

They will also be available from the TRU Textures website for direct download to your PC and licensed for use outside on other grids as well as under the Extended License for use in all types of commercial and personal projects.

Finally, they will be also featured on and

Thanks for looking!

I am having so much fun learning the very basics of Adobe Illustrator which I have on a rental basis at the rather pricey fee of £27 a month direct from Adobe.

I do not want to commit to the £500 investment until I can decide whether I will actually get my monies worth from it.

I do enjoy making these fabrics but whether there is a market for them is another matter.

I have some seamless fur textures which are one of my best selling products across the different platforms so I figured "fashion" might be an area to explore.

The earlier versions of fabrics I made which feature skulls and flora are doing OK but they're not exactly flying off the shelves. But then, nothing is at the moment.

Its the great summer slow down, when people leave the PC and go out and play in the sun. It scares me every year.
I am really looking for something more stable now in terms of income. My nerves can no longer handle the uncertainty of consumer confidence in the current economy.

I need to know I will have X amount of income coming in every month just for peace of mind more than anything.

So, I am planning to be pro-active and try and find some subcontract paid work where I can contribute with my current skill set whilst perhaps developing new ones.

I will get my resume made up over the next week and do some research. It's either that or back to my "same old safe bet" Sales and Marketing.

I will come back with the URLs for these fashion fabric textures on Sunday.

Here are some samples from the pack:

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Sisters of Salvation - Embers of Caerus - Feat: Malukah

I am proud of this, mainly because my name is in the credits! lol

No in all seriousness, this little video was pulled together by a lot of talented artists, singers, composers, lyricists and writers...

The singer Malukah has a massive following on the internet...beautiful voice, we were very lucky to get her involved. 

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Embers of Caerus - Kickstarter - Help Make Gaming History By Investing In The Next Gen MMORPG

I know I am going to be biased here because I have been working with Forsaken Studios for six months on a voluntary basis but I wouldn't be doing so if I didn't truly believe that what we are working on is going to change the face of online gaming on so many levels.

There are over 50 people in our indie team all from a wide range of professions and all, like me, supporting the development of Embers of Caerus.

Some of us invest our time, work and skill, some invest with small amounts of our own money and others still invest with a bit of both, because we all totally believe in the project we're involved with.

But creating a game this ambitious requires more than we can do on our own.

If you are a MMORPG gamer, please research our plans, goals and ambitions by visiting the Embers of Caerus official website   and/or the Embers of Caerus Kickstarter investor page.

And if you like what you see, check out the rewards for being one of our official investors.

Some of the rewards are the closest thing to becoming immortal (Online) as you can get.

Here are just a few examples and extracts taken from the Kickstarter page 


So what do you get for your pledge? We want to make it worth your while, so we’re offering a whole host of rewards to show our eternal gratitude. We wanted to give you plenty of cool stuff for when this game releases, but as this project is just for an investor prototype, and release of the game is quite far away, we have also made sure to add in lots of rewards you can get your hands on right away! Every level of reward offers early adopters fantastic rewards, from in-game assets and wallpaper, all the way up to super-deluxe offerings including wining and dining with our executives and tours of the Forsaken Studios offices. You’ll find a summary in the list to the right, but here is a detailed list of all the rewards:

Reserve Your Name!

Every Squire and above will be able to reserve their character's name for release! Names should include a first and last name, and are subject to a sensible naming policy (no vulgar names, no trademarked names etc.) and availability. Name reservations will be allocated on a supporter level, then first-come, first-served basis. Reserved names will be held for up to 6 months after release, and can be changed up until 1 month prior to release.

Child of Prophecy Special Reward

"The Prophecy" - Your character name will be written into the lore of the game by a prophet in their books, journals and scrolls for others to discover and read about in the game world. You will also start the game with a fragment of a prophecy scroll that may help lead to a great discovery!

Faction Heraldry!

Every Baron, Baroness and higher will gain access to special faction specific heraldry, which they can use in-game to apply to any shields, banners or certain clothing! Pick your faction, and show their colours with pride!

Get Your Face in the Game!

For the Defenders of Caerus and above, we are providing you the opportunity to have your face in the game! We will use pictures of you to create a character in your likeness which will play an important role in Embers of Caerus, and will be in the game at release!

Create your own Custom Heraldry!

As a Defender of Caerus or above, we really want you to stand out in a crowd. Therefore, we are providing you the opportunity to work with our artists to design a fully customised, and beautifully created custom heraldry which will be available to you in-game to apply to any shield, banner, or certain clothing!

Name a Landmark!

As a Lord/Lady of Caerus or higher, we are giving you the opportunity to have a landmark in the game named after you, or a loved one. We will provide supporting lore, and a special monument on the spot for players to discover! (Subject to naming policy and theme).


We have not asked for much compared to most game developers on Kickstarter , just enough to enable us to create a quality prototype to present to potential investors so that we may continue to create and publish the "Best it can be" next generation MMORPG,  which I believe will change the face of online gaming as we know it.

Any amount, no matter how small would be so very much appreciated. Thank you. 

Pssstt! I drew that map below! I had a right paddy at first as I wasn't sure I could pull it off, I considered it more of a Concept Artists job...but they wouldn't let me wriggle out of it and in the end, it came together and I am chuffed because I feel I overcame some personal confidence issues! 

"I did this!!"   First Look At The EoC World

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Forsaken Studios Embers of Caerus - Website FaceLift

We have so much going on at Forsaken Studios at the moment and most of it I can't really disclose. (It would spoil the surprise but more importantly, I would get "Booted and Muted" by the team lol)

But what I can chat about is the Embers of Careus new website.. (yay)

I have been working on different elements (The Trailer above is one of those elements, so keep your eyes peeled for the full release of that) which will be featured on the new website probably over this next week.

I will be lurking in the background of the EoC forums to see how the community respond. lol

EoC Concept Art - Click for Full Size.

I have to say, we have some very talented people involved with EoC  and they all come from wide and varied professional fields.

Musical composers and lyricists, singers, writers, concept, environment and *coughs* texture artists,  not to mention the technical side of things of which I know nothing!
These people are renowned within their own right so it's an absolute honor to be working alongside them.

It also demonstrates, to me at least, that if this caliber of people are willing to donate their time and skill in support of the development of EoC , then that's very telling of their belief in the success of our project.

The size of the team alone is vast. I don't know of many indie game studios, but over 50 people all giving their time and skill on a 100% voluntary basis is testament in itself that what we're working on is something very special and unique and unlike anything out there at present.

Although I am not a true gamer, even I can see how uniquely huge and complex Embers of Caerus is going to be and how that would translate into the time line of game play.

We are trying to achieve something that has never really been pushed to these limits before.

Eco systems, realistic time lines when hunting, traveling, fighting, developing skills in order to build your village or fort or for forging armor etc.

EoC Concept Art - Click for Full Size.

I personally can't really do the game play concept justice for it's just too vast for me to sum up in this blog.

I suggest you go over to the EoC forums and read up on some plans and community suggestions and perhaps more importantly, go and make some of your own suggestions over there.

Perhaps you have a particular itch that so far hasn't been scratched with any of the existing MMORPG's so let us hear about it.

Community feedback is very important to the development of EoC because if we cannot please the very people we hope will be playing EoC,  then essentially we have failed before we ever begun.

Keeping in contact with the community is crucial to the development of EoC in order that we don't make the same mistakes other game developers have made (and continue to make) and loose sight of who the game is for and about.  And hopefully that's you, the player.
EoC Concept Art - Click for Full Size.

Finally, if after researching EoC, you find yourself excited about the potential of what we're working on, please help us spread the word to other people like yourself by voting for us on the games list. 

(Most Hyped -Games in Development)

Thank you!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Seamless Floral Paisley Fabric Textures

20 floral paisley design fabric textures.
They tile on both axis and are 1024 x 1024 pixels.

You can purchase them for commercial use from TRU Textures website

Fabric category.

For use within Second Life they can purchased for 350 Linden Dollars ($1.79) for the collection from the TRU Textures Ltd in-world store.
Please click this SLurl:

They are also available from the SL Marketplace 

Many thanks for looking.
Reduced to 512 Pixels

Reduced to 512 Pixels For Viewing .

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Fashion Fabric Textures Skull & Roses Version 4

Cover Image
Ok, I think I can put this theme to bed now.

They seem to be doing OK on third party websites like

Not so sure about Second Life, with the exception of a customer contacting me in relation to the non delivery of one of the volumes, I  haven't checked the sales.

They have been fun to make and I may continue with more but leaning towards just the floral and pattern themes.

I have been really busy working on a project for Embers Of Caerus (Forsaken Studios) this last week.

Whilst I cannot disclose what I was working on I can say it will be revealed any time soon!
I will link it back and do a post on it.

The task once again pushed me out of my comfort zone and I didn't half kick up a fuss whining to Lee, the Art Director declaring that:
 "I am not the best person for this job...a concept artist would do it justice but I can't hand draw and....but....well....what if....?"

I had a confidence crisis because I was on quite a tight deadline and so after just two hours of trying to get the bits and pieces in place, what I saw forming in-front of me was butt clenching embarrassing.

Lee,  cut me no slack, basically told me he knew I could do better and so to "show me"

I was very pissy at that point lol

I am a royal PITA when I am pushed out of my comfort zone as Lee knows because he asked me if I wanted a tissue lol (brute!)
But as I explained to him later, I was glad he kept on pushing because I actually surprised myself.

What I finally finished after two full days was something I am really proud with mostly because I didn't think I could pull it off but also because if they think its good enough it must be because they don't just "settle"

Its one thing messing about with concepts in your own mind and from your imagination because if you find it's not coming together, you just change the direction.

Can't do that when you are creating something specific to another person or teams goals and visions.
If you can't work with what you know and the skill set you have, you just have to work out another way around the process.

Anyway, as I say all will be revealed very soon and I can show you exactly what caused such trepidation for me.

Back to these Skull and Roses Fashion Fabric Textures, they come as a collection of 25 seamless textures.
The price, as always differs depending on where you buy them from and the License and usage you require.

For use in you can buy them by visiting the TRU Textures store in SL by clicking this SLurland They are priced 400 Linden Dollars for 25 textures.

They're also available from the SL Marketplace.

For use under an Extended License (Use outside of please visit our website TRU Textures - and purchase them with either the Any World or Extended License, depending on your intended use.

They are also available from (Textures Category) and our stock website,

Friday, 4 May 2012

e-cigarettes - Liberro Realis Review

Well, as I posted several days ago, I have stopped smoking "real" cigarettes (Silk Cut Silver) after I purchased a disposable e-cigarette from the local garage.

I wasn't expecting much and it was a lot longer and heavier than a real cig but the actual oral smoking sensation was just like smoking a different brand.
The vapor (smoke replica) exhales looked exactly like real smoke.

I carried on using that for the rest of the day and discovered I could, with very little issue, not bother about picking up one of my "real" Silk Cuts.

As a disposable unit, I knew there would be better alternatives in the rechargeable variety so I did a little research and opted on the Colibri nano e-cig.
Mainly because the sales pitch was aimed at its size being "like for like" to a real cigarette.

The package, which cost me £59.99 arrived within two days and I was excited when I was waiting for it to charge.

However, the actual experience was really bad.

1) Whilst it is indeed a small unit, it's much much heavier than a real cig,  so trying to switch over in the "hand to mouth" habit of smoking was futile.

Despite the You Tube video of a girl (Who does a lot of reviews on e-cigs) and another from a man who was amazed at: "how small and light" it was, trust me, it's not.

Sure, compared to the older versions of e-cigs like the Screwdriver, (Named based on the fact it as as big and heavy and looks like a screwdriver!) the Colibri is indeed small.
But do not be fooled into thinking it will fool your subconscious mind that you're smoking the real thing, because its just too heavy.
I ended up having to put it down on the desk when I wasn't using it were as a real cig would remain between my fingers most of the time.

That aside, I could have adapted to that if the oral smoking experience was good.

It isn't and that leads me onto the second issue.

2) The pre filled cartridges that come with the start pack for the Colibri were varied in nicotine strength ranging from 1.2mg to 0.0mg.

I used to smoke one of the lightest brands going, Silk Cut Silver,  so I don't need or want a strong throat hit.
But these cartridges (Including the additional two 0.6mg nicotine packs I bought) had little to no throat hit and very little vapor on the exhale.

Now and again I would get a good run and have several draws that tasted good and felt like the real deal, but for the most part the cartridges were poor in taste and even poorer in replicating the inhale from a real cigarette.

3) If that wasn't bad enough, the two days I used the Colibri Nano cartridges, I developed a nasty chemical after taste and the tip of my tongue was numb and sore.

I wrote to them and they didn't really give me any feedback other than to check the ingredients and see if I was allergic or known to have a sensitivity to them.

Anyway, by then I was already moving on.

After more research and actual Facebook user feedback, I bought the Liberro Realis starter kit as well as heaps of different e-liquids from the Liberro brand and also the Johnson Creek brand, which has a very good reputation.

When I opened the pack, the Realis is a touch thicker than the Colibri but the same length and more importantly, half as light.
This was the closest thing to the size and weight of a real cigarettes I had experienced.

Alos, the e-liquids are amazing.
I love the Johnson Creek Black Cherry liquid, it tastes and smells like real cherries and you get a very good throat hit and twice as much vapor on exhalation compared to the Colibri.

The starter pack came with a portable recharger , which I won't use as I just have it plugged into my PC on charge constantly.

It comes with two batteries (The longer part  of the two piece e-cigt, the bit that would have all of the tobacco in with a real cigarette)  so you have one on charge as you're using the other and when one runs out, you just swap.

There is NO chemical after taste and my tongue is no longer numb so I suspect that comes from the Colibri cartridges and/or their brand of e-liquid.

I can hold it in my mouth for the brief period, unsupported by my fingers,  when I am taking a drag, just like most smokers do when they smoke real cigs.

In fact, several times I have gone to flick the ash from it (Even though it doesn't create any) which tells me that my subconscious mind is tricked into thinking I am really smoking and "that" is what every new e-cigarette smoker wants, as close as possible to the real thing only without the chemicals and tobacco that kills you.

It "feels" almost like a real cigarette when I am typing, like now.
I currently have it between my middle and forefinger as I type, which is what I would have done when I smoked for real.

I have not smoked a real cig for 48 hours now and the 3 days before that, I only smoked 3 Silk Cuts.

I honestly feel like I prefer e-cigs to real ones, now I have the Liberro Realis because of the different fruity and sweet flavours, which I was convinced I wouldn't like assuming I would opt for a tobacco option.

Unlike the Colibri, the cartridges are advertised as "refillable" which is a MUST.

The cost of disposable cartridges adds up fast.
Most companies claim they last the same as smoking 10 - 15 real cigs. They don't,  and I don't think it matters which company you get them from on that score, they last about one to two hours.

So having a good supply of e-juice on hand to refill them means you are saving about 85% in cost compared to throwing used cartridges away and attaching new ones.

So, there you have it.

I am now officially an ex smoker and the Realis e-cig is the one to go for if you, like me, are new to vapor smoking.

BTW, I am not being paid for this review nor do I get benefit from referring people to their site.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Forsaken Studios Embers of Caerus - Developer Diary - Dave Belcher

So far we  at Forsaken Studios have been playing our cards close to our chest when it comes to plans, design and game play concepts.

So much so that I haven't dared blog about my ongoing involvement as a texture artist as I have gained an "in house" reputation for revealing too much info here so I stopped!  lol

So anyway, I think it's safe to share this video of Dave Belcher,  the Technical Director and co founder of Forsaken Studios discussing "Siege Warfare" whilst also discussing the plans to go with  "Kickstarter" to raise funding for the development of the prototype we're working on.

And on a "Blow Your Own Trumpet" theme (If you don't blow your own.....and all of that..)  it occurred to me recently that as the only texture artists with Forsaken Studios, I have single handedly textured an entire continent from the ground (terrain) right up to the roof tops...I wish I could provide some kind of visual demonstration of my efforts but I will get tarred and feathered by Lee, my direct manager and Art Director.

Anyway, enough about me...listen to what Dave reveals about our plans and progress for the development of Embers Of Caerus. (EoC)

Wednesday, 2 May 2012 Colibri Nano e Ciggarette - Review "Size isn't everything"

UPDATE: - 3 Hours after writing this post:

I have just attached a new Coffee flavour Cartomizer to my Colibri Nano e-cigarette and it's wonderful!
I don't have to draw too hard to get a nice throat hit, the vapor on the exhale is thick and white but more importantly, sweet wonderful coffee taste that I can actually taste a little on the tip and no chemical aftertaste AT ALL. 

So I am baffled. If all of the coffee cartridges from e-puffer tasted this good I would be a happy customer but the 3 I tried today (from the same packet) had almost no coffee taste and an awful chemical "petrol" type smell and taste. 

I am just glad I have a huge amount of e-liquid being delivered in the next two days with some new "fill your own" type Cartomizers.....when these e-cigs are good, they're so much more enjoyable than regular real fags... I did not think I would like all of the sweet and fruity options but like most people, I have found I prefer them to the attempt on tobacco flavours thus far

This was my first re chargeable vapor cigarette
and I picked it purely on the size.

I had tried just two different brand disposables and whilst one of them impressed me with the amount of vapor and throat hit,  it was not cost effective to buy one a day at £6.50.

Also smoking to me is about the hand to mouth actions as I work.
I am used to sitting at the PC with a cigarette in my hand, dropping ash everywhere ...painting a classy picture yet?

So I decided I needed an e-cig that was the same size as a real one so I could continue with the physical actions of smoking.

I got my Colibri Nano starter kit fast.

I was excited.!

It comes with 5 different strength nicotine cartridges ranging from 1.2mg down to 0.0mg.

I also got a 5 pack of both Tobacco and Coffee 0.6mg nicotine strength of cartridges, which you screw on to the end of the actual unit when the old cartridge runs dry, about 4 - 5 hours.

I am not going to bang on about size, weight etc, there's a heap of paid for and non paid for reviews that talk about how classy the packaging is etc, I ain't smoking the packaging!

Bottom line, I am NOT a happy bunny.

The  tobacco flavor is just rank awful. The coffee smells nice but it doesn't taste of coffee...but it "is" better than the default tobacco flavor.

That aside, what is totally not acceptable is the disgusting chemical aftertaste I am getting and which remains with me all day. I can taste it as soon as I exhale and it doesn't fade much until I need another drag. Now and again I would get a really full and fulfilling draw on the coffee type but it was once every 20 puffs, the rest just tasted of chemical.

I think in hindsight I ordered too weak a nicotine strength. I got the 0.6mg because it was described as "light smoker" and whilst I used to smoke 20 a day, they were Silk Cut Silver with 0.1mg nicotine and 1gm Tar so I assumed this strength would suffice.
It doesn't.

If that wasn't bad enough, my tongue and in particular the tip of it is numb or kinda sore or some point my whole mouth tasted like cigarette lighter fluid and my tongue was sore but numb in places and it made me NOT want to pick the Colibri Nano up.

But I don't (and won't) pick up the Silk Cut Silver real ciggies I have in the same room.

Instead, I have purchased another starter kit from Liberro UK and a heap of e-liquids as this model works on you actually filling the cartridges with e-liquid rather than having pre filled ones that the Colibri does.

I wrote to e-puffer about my negative experience. They offered for me to send the non used stuff back for a refund but that's all I have other than the real ciggies in my drawer.

Once you make a mental decision to stop smoking it's not something you can keep making excuses for,
so I will keep the nano unit, try different e-juice in one of the blank cartridges and hope the Liberro has a better vapor, throat hit, taste and no chemical, tongue numbing after effects.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Skull & Floral Fabric Textures Volume Four

Volume Four 
I am really into creating these fabric textures which feature the current trend of skulls and flowers.

The idea is, that at a glance you don't really notice the skulls and just assume is a very bright and bold pattern.

In this collection, I have included most of color options in colours that can be reversed.

So if you look at the sample below, you will see that it was made in grey and yellow but then then the second option (in the opposite corner)  "flips"a bit like a negative photograph.
Reduced to 512 Pixels for viewing purposes.

I figured that these would work well together when creating a 2 piece outfit.

It's just a hunch. I have never designed digital fashion in my life.

For licensed use in you can purchase this collection for 500 Linden Dollars from the TRU Textures in world store by clicking this SLurl

They're also available on the SL Marketplace

They will also be made available for licensed use outside of SL (Other grids and virtual worlds) from the TRU Textures website under the Any World License

Finally for use in projects not associated or limited to online virtual worlds, they're available to download from the TRU Textures website under the "Extended License" and

Many thanks for looking.