Thursday, 19 April 2012

Skulls And Roses Brushes And Decal Vectors

Sample Decal or Brush
Fashion is an area I have not really focused on in the five years I have been creating and selling textures.

I tend to lean more towards architectural elements like brick, wood, windows and door textures and of course the coordinating 3D themed texture collections.

It's hard to imagine that when SL first opened its doors, textures that had alpha (transparency) in them, such as windows, were a rare commodity.

Times have changed, textures are generally good quality now and customers standards and expectations have been raised as a result.

FREE Seamless Skull Printed Fabric Texture

After 8 years in the SL texture business and 3 years in the external texture business (selling to people outside of SL) as a store we now have over 80,000 textures and so inspiration is hard to come by.

What can I make that hasn't been made 100 times before?
And what would be popular for customers outside of the virtual world environment?

These are the questions I ask myself as I sit at my computer staring at the monitor.

So, I today, I decided to create something outside of my comfort zone...

I love these graphic T shirts that places like All Saints sell.. so I am currently making "Skull and Roses"  decals.

They will be saved on transparent backgrounds so people can just layer them over their digital clothing I will also release them as Photoshop brushes from when I am finished.

Time will tell whether they're a success!

In the meantime, please enjoy the free seamless skull print fabric texture above. It is 1024 x 1204 Pixels and as always, tiles on both axis.

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