Sunday, 15 April 2012

Serious Stucco - 17 Tiling Plaster Textures in Bold Daring Colours

I have had the original photographs of these amazing plaster walls for 7 months and decided to do something with them.

They're not your typical stucco in the sense the texture and colours are very striking and rich.

Because of this however, I would not advise using them on any surface that would result in them being repeated more than once or twice because as is always the case with textures, the more character and definition on display, the more obvious those very same "features" will stand out when the texture is repeated.

There are 17 textures and they're sized 1024 x 1024 Pixels and tile on both axis.

They're are available (at the moment) from within for 450 Linden Dollars. You can see and/or buy them by clicking this SLurl to TRU Textures SL Store.

From the SL Marketplace also - Click this link 

I will as always be adding them to the SL Marketplace and the TRU Textures website in due course.

Thanks for looking!

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