Friday, 13 April 2012

Sci-Fi Hull Wall Textures - Benjamin Salisbury and the Clockwork Zombies

Available for use in from here
Also available for direct download from TRU Textures website 
Also on 

 Just a small sample of textures I have created for a student game development project named "Benjamin Salisbury and the Clockwork Zombies" at the University Of Southern California.

There are others but they tend to be more basic materials such as floors and ceilings etc.

I am not sure the ones with the drain pipes will be used. Perhaps they're too 2D "because" of the pipes.

When a normal map is applied within the game engine those 2D effect pipes won't work.

It's certainly a strange contrast to switch from working with Photo realistic Viking era textures for Forsaken Studios to Sci Fi, tech type textures for the other game project which I am working on at the same time.

But it feels good to be back at the table and working after a long stretch of creative....  blah..

Click to enlarge.

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