Saturday, 28 April 2012 e-cigarettes First Time User Review


It's 3.15pm and I have not had a real cigarette today. 

I had two last night (after I starting using the nicolite) It turns out it recharges itself now and again and that's why it wasn't working when I thought it was broken.

Last night, I purchased the starter kit and some cartridges for the Colibri Nano brand which are the exact same size as real cigarettes and almost the same weight so they can be held between your fingers just like a real cig.
Shame they're in black only, I would have preferred white.

The disposable nicolite has 16mg of nicotine which is too strong for me so I ordered 0.8mg in the Colibri nano brand and some coffee flavored options too.

My disposable this morning was getting weaker in effect when I inhaled it and I figured the cartridge was running out.

It is meant to last 2 packets (40 cigarettes) and I only started using it at around 3pm yesterday so it's lasted 1 day and at £6.50 there's not much of a saving. And no, I haven't been puffing on it like a mad woman!

I guess until my nano's arrive,  I had better go buy a replacement because I don't want to smoke my real ones, I would feel like I have failed before I really started.

I "could" have used the excuse that I may as well smoke my real ones until my Colibri Nano e cigarettes arrive but I decided if you're going to give up you need to stick to that decision as the more you change the deadlines and move the boundaries the more you're really not wanting to give up.  And I really want to succeed in this.


I have been smoking for over 10 years now and have got to the point of wanting to stop.

My brother would say: "So stop. If you really wanted to, you would. It's a choice and you choose to smoke"

Hmm, okay I agree with that but it is, as ever, an easier thing to say than actually do.

Here's the weird thing.
I don't smoke unless I am at the PC working.

I don't smoke after a meal, outside of the house, in the streets (I actually think that's not very classy) in pubs or restaurants, in the car or in any room in my house except the room where I work from at my PC.
As I am working from my PC for up to 10 hours a day that means I am smoking 20 cigarettes at the price of worsening health and £7.70 a day.

I hate the stench of it in my house. I have both windows open in my PC room and the opposite side of the house to create a constant air flow to prevent the majority of smoke from sticking to walls and basically stinking the house out.

More importantly, I am worried about cancer.

I do not think there are many smokers that haven't at some point in their lives,  thought:
"OMG I think I have cancer.....I wish I had never started smoking... how stupid have I been?!....I wish I could turn back time!"  
Then the health crisis passes and you are reassured you're not dying in the next 6 months and you shove that nagging thought to the back of your mind....again....and again....

For me, it's not about the nicotine. When I am on holiday I only smoke late at night and no more than 3 a day.

For me it's a pure psychological addiction, the "action" of smoking.
I literally am unable to sit down to work without having cigarettes on hand.
Its the "hand to mouth" action that I am hooked to mainly.

I tried the plastic inhalers and they're terrible. They are shaped like a white plastic whistle, so you cannot hold them between your fingers. There is no "throat hit" which if you're a smoker you will know the importance of,  and as I say, the nicotine is not the issue to me..its the action of smoking and you don't get that with patches or chewing gum.

I also tried the plastic filters that you put on the ends of your real cigarettes. These basically reduced the amount of tar, nicotine and the 3000 chemicals we inhale, so they reduce the damage but by how much I don't know.

I recently went from smoking Silk Cut Purple which contains 0.3mg Nicotine and the Tar is 3 mg to Silk Cut Silver which contain 0.1mg Nicotine and Tar is 1mg. (There is a Silk Cut white which has 0.01mg Nicotine and Tar content is 0.5 but I have not seen them for sale)

When I switched to Silver, I felt like I was sucking on straws. There was little to no "throat hit" at all but after 2 or 3 packets, I adjusted and actually the Purple seem too strong now.

I mention this because I consider the switch to vapor e-cigarettes very similar. Yes, it's not as you know it but it's close and with time, you will adjust and come to prefer it.

I have done a LOT of research on e-cigarettes and I have seen them in shops, garages and chemists but at £50 a kit, I wasn't convinced they would be good enough and didn't want to waste my money.

I have read online reviews of different brands from "real people" on Facebook and they all claimed how easy it was to switch from real smoking to vapor cigarettes. Some people claimed that after four weeks of smoking e-cigarettes, they took a drag of a real one and it tasted bad.
They preferred the vapor types over the real ones.

There's actually a mind field of information on the net with talk of tanks and juices and different amp voltages! I am clueless,  but I want to get it right as the quality of your first time experience determines how likely you are to continue using them.

So long story short.... (Sorry....its more long than short! lol I do babble)  I purchased a cheap disposable e-cigarette from the garage the other night, I also bought my usual 20 pack and I forgot all about the - e-cig until today.

I unwrapped it expecting it to be much like the inhalers I had tried before, but much to my absolute amazement, when I inhaled,  it not only gave me the all important "throat hit"  but I honestly couldn't tell the difference between my Silk Cut Silver and this cheap disposable e-cig.

The vapor looked and acted exactly like smoke too. I could even blow "smoke rings" (Not that I do that normally, I'm not 15 anymore lol

The brand I bought was "nicolites"

I was and still am excited!

OK but there is a problem.  It's much longer and more importantly a lot heavier than a real cigarette which makes holding it between your fingers as you work, play guitar or what ever else you like to do when smoking near to impossible.

Some people like to hold their cigarettes in their mouth which again, is very hard as they're about 5 or 7 times heavier than a real cigarette.

So my quest is to find not so much the smallest e-cig,  but the lightest and one with a soft silicone filter which mimics a real foam one.

There are some out there, I just need to narrow the search down.

Major problem.  I have only had 20 drags on the Nicolite and as I sit here writing this blog, I started to crave a smoke, so I picked my e-cig up, took a drag and it's not working!
The bloody thing is broken!

Here's the weird thing.  I am surprised to find how annoyed I am by this.

But NOT because it's a waste of £6.50 (Well, it's either that or face the humiliation of standing in a busy garage with the owner as he puffs on it to see if I am worthy of a replacement)  but rather because whilst I have a pack of 20 Silk Cut Silver downstairs, I would actually prefer to stick with the e-cig!

I find that I really don't want to go and light up a nasty, smelly cancer inducing "real" cigarette so
I keep picking my e-cig up hoping it will start working again. (It hasn't)

Therefore, I believe if I had lighter, smaller and better quality and brand e-cigarette at my disposal, I could, with little reluctance, smoke vapor instead of the "real thing"

So, if I am "sold" on a cheap disposable and faulty e-cigarette, which is too heavy to replicate the "hand to mouth" part of a smoking habit,  then it's safe to assume these things do indeed work and are much MUCH better than anything the NHS has on offer.

You just need to determine what parts of smoking you feel are important to you.
For me it's the weight and ability to hold it in my hand as I would normally, the throat hit and the amount and realism of the vapor.

Side Note.

If you're a man, then the weight might not be an issue as you will probably hold your cigarettea between your thumb and two fingers so you have a firmer grip.

But I type with cigarettes between my forefinger and middle finger (like "ladies" do lol) and this particular brand is too heavy to do that.


  1. Hi, I have been "smoking" nicolites for 8 weeks now and agree the weight is an issue, but you do get used to it, also the feel of the filter tip. I do feel that you must have bought a dud because this happens. My first rechargeable broke after two weeks but is still useable as long as I clasp the tip to the cig with two hands, I use it as a back up. My second one is still going strong (touch wood!) and like you, I really prefer the nicolite to the real thing. Don't give up with the nicolite, get a rechargeable one and another little tip is to remove the "filter tip" between use as this saves a little of the battery life. I found it was running out of life much more quickly if left as a "whole" cigarette.

    Good luck with stopping (I hate saying giving up as we're not actually giving up anything, we're stopping doing something harmful) :)

  2. The rechargeable Nicolite is excellent !!!
    I've been a smoker for over 40 yrs,
    Started the Nicolite 10 days ago, & haven't had a cigarette since::::

  3. j'ai commencé a 15 ans et j'en ai 44 ; j'ai acheté une e-cigarete nicolites le 16/08/2012 , aujourd'huis , le 19/08/2012 je fume un seul petit cigare dans la journée et cela sans reel plaisir !!! je fumait 20 a 30 cigares par jours !!! c'est juste fantastique .

  4. As a smoker of over 40 years, I have been using an nicolite rechargeable (I have 3) for 4 weeks now, and the thought of smoking a real cigarette does not apeal to me at all, however I have had a horrendous cough since not smoking, hopefully this is just my body adjusting, and will go soon. Thank goodness for Nicolites, as there has never been anything that has stopped me from smoking before (apart from 2 pregnancies).

  5. As a smoker for over 40 years, I tried my 1st e cig 4 weeks ago, and have not felt the need for a real cigarette since. Nothing has ever helped me quit over the years (apart from 2 pregnancies). So I am really happy with them.

  6. A smoker of 30 years- honestly 30 to 40 a day started on Nicolites had three battery fails got fed up buying batteries and refils- went on to nicotine minis - low strength then stopped completely for 4 months.
    Had a car breakdown due to flat battery- had no battery on phone or my ecig- co incidence?? went to petrol station to use their phone. By the time the recovery turned up I had a Blue JPS lit in my hand....Now back on the nicolites.. beware that little voice NEVER goes away just waits for the right moment........Mark

  7. Six weeks on nicolites after 40 roll ups a day for 30 years. I bought 4 nicolites starter kits in order to have 4 batteries. One battery failed and Tescos kinndly replaced it. But offer a lifetime warranty on their website. You have to register. This means I won't have the cost of replacing batteries after the claimed 300 recharges. Excellent!

  8. I just quit smoking and am glad that I don't smell of smoke any more I made this little video to say thanks to Nicolites.

  9. I smoked 30 a day and been using the nicolites rechargeable for 2 months now and its fantastic!! Tried a few others on the market that are cheaper but don't work nearly as well and don't give you the "inhale" feeling. However I too have had one battery fail which Tesco replaced. BUT I noticed the design of the metal part at the screw end of the battery is slightly different and is still working well so perhaps they have addressed this issue.