Thursday, 26 April 2012

Bold Print Fashion Fabric Textures Volume Two

 This is Volume Two of the fashion fabric textures I am working on using vectors and Inkscape as well as Adobe Illustrator which I have rented for a month cause I am not paying £500 for a program I might only use once a year.

Plus Inkscape seems fairly user friendly and free.

The vector patterns and shapes I am using were not free. I invested $250 for them because I am not experienced yet in creating my own patterns.

I basically pick one or two vector shapes and combine them on one seamless black and white tiling texture then run it through gradients and various filters like Flaming Pear or a few of Filter Forge 2
 Anyway, the first set was purchased last night off the SL Marketplace and I was encouraged and indeed flattered when the customer IM me and said:
Saved Thu Apr 26 18:17:13 2012) Liz are you there
[12:23]  (Saved Thu Apr 26 18:17:32 2012) I hope you get this...your textures are simply amazing!

 That's nice isn't it? People tend to be less blown away from stuff in SL now. That's because the overall standard of digital content is of a very high standard so that's what people expect.

Its not a bad thing, just a sign of the times.

But it does encourage me to contiune on this quest as I figured they would be of use to digital clothing designers outside of too.
There are a lot of Poser and character art designers who make their own clothing.

Anyhoo, here's the URLs to this set. It has 30 textures like Volume one.

450 Linden Dollars for the set. They're sized 1024 x 1024 pixels and are seamless on both axis.

You can get them from within by clicking this SLurl  They are also on the SL Marketplace too.

And as always I will be adding them to and the TRU Textures website for licensed use outside of the SL environment. 

Many thanks for looking !

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