Monday, 30 April 2012

Free Seamless Upholstery Fabric Texture

Click  - Save As
It's cute huh?

Well, it's on the house but the house rules are the same.

Do not, under any circumstances redistribute it as a texture file for free or profit.

You can however, use it for commercial design providing the texture is not transferred to your end user "as" a texture.

Seamless on both axis.  1024 x 1024

Enjoy :) 

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Skull & Flower Print Fashion Fabric Textures

Click to make large
I am so pleased with these. It's something I have been working up to for a week, experimenting with different vectors and editing them in Adobe Illustrator  and Photoshop.

I have picked bold and bright, retro colours for these seamless fashion fabric textures.

There are two different patterns and 15 textures in each. (30 textures in total)

Sized 1024 x 1024 pixels and they tile on both axis.

For licensed and commercial use in you can purchase them for 500 Linden Dollars ($2.40) from the TRU Textures virtual store by clicking this SLurl

They are also available from the SL Marketplace
For licensed use in other virtual worlds such as,,, etc, you can purchase them under the "Any World License from the TRU Textures website (Under the Fabric category)

They are also available under an Extended License (Projects not associated with virtual worlds such as game development or 3D art) from the TRU Textures website and and also, as single textures from 

Here are some scaled down samples:

Click to view

Click to View

Saturday, 28 April 2012 e-cigarettes First Time User Review


It's 3.15pm and I have not had a real cigarette today. 

I had two last night (after I starting using the nicolite) It turns out it recharges itself now and again and that's why it wasn't working when I thought it was broken.

Last night, I purchased the starter kit and some cartridges for the Colibri Nano brand which are the exact same size as real cigarettes and almost the same weight so they can be held between your fingers just like a real cig.
Shame they're in black only, I would have preferred white.

The disposable nicolite has 16mg of nicotine which is too strong for me so I ordered 0.8mg in the Colibri nano brand and some coffee flavored options too.

My disposable this morning was getting weaker in effect when I inhaled it and I figured the cartridge was running out.

It is meant to last 2 packets (40 cigarettes) and I only started using it at around 3pm yesterday so it's lasted 1 day and at £6.50 there's not much of a saving. And no, I haven't been puffing on it like a mad woman!

I guess until my nano's arrive,  I had better go buy a replacement because I don't want to smoke my real ones, I would feel like I have failed before I really started.

I "could" have used the excuse that I may as well smoke my real ones until my Colibri Nano e cigarettes arrive but I decided if you're going to give up you need to stick to that decision as the more you change the deadlines and move the boundaries the more you're really not wanting to give up.  And I really want to succeed in this.


I have been smoking for over 10 years now and have got to the point of wanting to stop.

My brother would say: "So stop. If you really wanted to, you would. It's a choice and you choose to smoke"

Hmm, okay I agree with that but it is, as ever, an easier thing to say than actually do.

Here's the weird thing.
I don't smoke unless I am at the PC working.

I don't smoke after a meal, outside of the house, in the streets (I actually think that's not very classy) in pubs or restaurants, in the car or in any room in my house except the room where I work from at my PC.
As I am working from my PC for up to 10 hours a day that means I am smoking 20 cigarettes at the price of worsening health and £7.70 a day.

I hate the stench of it in my house. I have both windows open in my PC room and the opposite side of the house to create a constant air flow to prevent the majority of smoke from sticking to walls and basically stinking the house out.

More importantly, I am worried about cancer.

I do not think there are many smokers that haven't at some point in their lives,  thought:
"OMG I think I have cancer.....I wish I had never started smoking... how stupid have I been?!....I wish I could turn back time!"  
Then the health crisis passes and you are reassured you're not dying in the next 6 months and you shove that nagging thought to the back of your mind....again....and again....

For me, it's not about the nicotine. When I am on holiday I only smoke late at night and no more than 3 a day.

For me it's a pure psychological addiction, the "action" of smoking.
I literally am unable to sit down to work without having cigarettes on hand.
Its the "hand to mouth" action that I am hooked to mainly.

I tried the plastic inhalers and they're terrible. They are shaped like a white plastic whistle, so you cannot hold them between your fingers. There is no "throat hit" which if you're a smoker you will know the importance of,  and as I say, the nicotine is not the issue to me..its the action of smoking and you don't get that with patches or chewing gum.

I also tried the plastic filters that you put on the ends of your real cigarettes. These basically reduced the amount of tar, nicotine and the 3000 chemicals we inhale, so they reduce the damage but by how much I don't know.

I recently went from smoking Silk Cut Purple which contains 0.3mg Nicotine and the Tar is 3 mg to Silk Cut Silver which contain 0.1mg Nicotine and Tar is 1mg. (There is a Silk Cut white which has 0.01mg Nicotine and Tar content is 0.5 but I have not seen them for sale)

When I switched to Silver, I felt like I was sucking on straws. There was little to no "throat hit" at all but after 2 or 3 packets, I adjusted and actually the Purple seem too strong now.

I mention this because I consider the switch to vapor e-cigarettes very similar. Yes, it's not as you know it but it's close and with time, you will adjust and come to prefer it.

I have done a LOT of research on e-cigarettes and I have seen them in shops, garages and chemists but at £50 a kit, I wasn't convinced they would be good enough and didn't want to waste my money.

I have read online reviews of different brands from "real people" on Facebook and they all claimed how easy it was to switch from real smoking to vapor cigarettes. Some people claimed that after four weeks of smoking e-cigarettes, they took a drag of a real one and it tasted bad.
They preferred the vapor types over the real ones.

There's actually a mind field of information on the net with talk of tanks and juices and different amp voltages! I am clueless,  but I want to get it right as the quality of your first time experience determines how likely you are to continue using them.

So long story short.... (Sorry....its more long than short! lol I do babble)  I purchased a cheap disposable e-cigarette from the garage the other night, I also bought my usual 20 pack and I forgot all about the - e-cig until today.

I unwrapped it expecting it to be much like the inhalers I had tried before, but much to my absolute amazement, when I inhaled,  it not only gave me the all important "throat hit"  but I honestly couldn't tell the difference between my Silk Cut Silver and this cheap disposable e-cig.

The vapor looked and acted exactly like smoke too. I could even blow "smoke rings" (Not that I do that normally, I'm not 15 anymore lol

The brand I bought was "nicolites"

I was and still am excited!

OK but there is a problem.  It's much longer and more importantly a lot heavier than a real cigarette which makes holding it between your fingers as you work, play guitar or what ever else you like to do when smoking near to impossible.

Some people like to hold their cigarettes in their mouth which again, is very hard as they're about 5 or 7 times heavier than a real cigarette.

So my quest is to find not so much the smallest e-cig,  but the lightest and one with a soft silicone filter which mimics a real foam one.

There are some out there, I just need to narrow the search down.

Major problem.  I have only had 20 drags on the Nicolite and as I sit here writing this blog, I started to crave a smoke, so I picked my e-cig up, took a drag and it's not working!
The bloody thing is broken!

Here's the weird thing.  I am surprised to find how annoyed I am by this.

But NOT because it's a waste of £6.50 (Well, it's either that or face the humiliation of standing in a busy garage with the owner as he puffs on it to see if I am worthy of a replacement)  but rather because whilst I have a pack of 20 Silk Cut Silver downstairs, I would actually prefer to stick with the e-cig!

I find that I really don't want to go and light up a nasty, smelly cancer inducing "real" cigarette so
I keep picking my e-cig up hoping it will start working again. (It hasn't)

Therefore, I believe if I had lighter, smaller and better quality and brand e-cigarette at my disposal, I could, with little reluctance, smoke vapor instead of the "real thing"

So, if I am "sold" on a cheap disposable and faulty e-cigarette, which is too heavy to replicate the "hand to mouth" part of a smoking habit,  then it's safe to assume these things do indeed work and are much MUCH better than anything the NHS has on offer.

You just need to determine what parts of smoking you feel are important to you.
For me it's the weight and ability to hold it in my hand as I would normally, the throat hit and the amount and realism of the vapor.

Side Note.

If you're a man, then the weight might not be an issue as you will probably hold your cigarettea between your thumb and two fingers so you have a firmer grip.

But I type with cigarettes between my forefinger and middle finger (like "ladies" do lol) and this particular brand is too heavy to do that.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Bold Print Fashion Fabric Textures Volume Two

 This is Volume Two of the fashion fabric textures I am working on using vectors and Inkscape as well as Adobe Illustrator which I have rented for a month cause I am not paying £500 for a program I might only use once a year.

Plus Inkscape seems fairly user friendly and free.

The vector patterns and shapes I am using were not free. I invested $250 for them because I am not experienced yet in creating my own patterns.

I basically pick one or two vector shapes and combine them on one seamless black and white tiling texture then run it through gradients and various filters like Flaming Pear or a few of Filter Forge 2
 Anyway, the first set was purchased last night off the SL Marketplace and I was encouraged and indeed flattered when the customer IM me and said:
Saved Thu Apr 26 18:17:13 2012) Liz are you there
[12:23]  (Saved Thu Apr 26 18:17:32 2012) I hope you get this...your textures are simply amazing!

 That's nice isn't it? People tend to be less blown away from stuff in SL now. That's because the overall standard of digital content is of a very high standard so that's what people expect.

Its not a bad thing, just a sign of the times.

But it does encourage me to contiune on this quest as I figured they would be of use to digital clothing designers outside of too.
There are a lot of Poser and character art designers who make their own clothing.

Anyhoo, here's the URLs to this set. It has 30 textures like Volume one.

450 Linden Dollars for the set. They're sized 1024 x 1024 pixels and are seamless on both axis.

You can get them from within by clicking this SLurl  They are also on the SL Marketplace too.

And as always I will be adding them to and the TRU Textures website for licensed use outside of the SL environment. 

Many thanks for looking !

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Tiling Fabric Textures For Fashion Design

30 Tiling Fashion Fabric Textures.

Sample - Click to view
 I spent *clears throat* $250.00 on Vectors for Adobe Illustrator this week.

This is just one of over 60 different patterns I was able to play with by adding gradients and running them through various different filters ranging from Flaming Pear to Filter Forge.

I am really pleased with how they came out and I have so many more to make yet!

They can be purchased for 450 Linden Dollars and licensed for use in Second Life by visiting our in world store by clicking this SLurl

Also available on the SL Marketplace

Soon available for use outside of Second Life from the TRU Textures website and



Sunday, 22 April 2012

Free Gold Ornamental Decal

Free Gold Decor Element on transparent PNG
I have just purchased $200 worth of Vectors for designing fabrics and for use when creating carved wood or etched metals and they're great but I want to make my own.

So I also downloaded Adobe Illustrator for a 30 day demo to learn how to get the most out of existing vectors as well as making my own.

I have been toying with Skull and Roses fashion fabric textures partly because it's a challenge for me as it's out of my comfort zone but also because I think there is a gap in the market for unique high fashion fabrics for virtual character designers and the associated clothing. Not to mention wallpapers

Illustrator is what most trained graphic designers learn and use were as I learned Photoshop and photo manipulation which has sometimes left me stuck when I needed a specific custom shape so that's what I will be learning over the next 30 days.

I am hoping to come out with some funky fresh fashion inspired fabrics in the following weeks so watch this space!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Skulls And Roses Brushes And Decal Vectors

Sample Decal or Brush
Fashion is an area I have not really focused on in the five years I have been creating and selling textures.

I tend to lean more towards architectural elements like brick, wood, windows and door textures and of course the coordinating 3D themed texture collections.

It's hard to imagine that when SL first opened its doors, textures that had alpha (transparency) in them, such as windows, were a rare commodity.

Times have changed, textures are generally good quality now and customers standards and expectations have been raised as a result.

FREE Seamless Skull Printed Fabric Texture

After 8 years in the SL texture business and 3 years in the external texture business (selling to people outside of SL) as a store we now have over 80,000 textures and so inspiration is hard to come by.

What can I make that hasn't been made 100 times before?
And what would be popular for customers outside of the virtual world environment?

These are the questions I ask myself as I sit at my computer staring at the monitor.

So, I today, I decided to create something outside of my comfort zone...

I love these graphic T shirts that places like All Saints sell.. so I am currently making "Skull and Roses"  decals.

They will be saved on transparent backgrounds so people can just layer them over their digital clothing I will also release them as Photoshop brushes from when I am finished.

Time will tell whether they're a success!

In the meantime, please enjoy the free seamless skull print fabric texture above. It is 1024 x 1204 Pixels and as always, tiles on both axis.

Serious Stucco 3D Professional Version (With Normal Maps)

Click to view
This is just an updated add on alternative to the 2D versions I made a few days ago.

The 17 Diffuse stucco plaster textures come with the Normal maps for use within 3D applications or game engines etc.
(34 texture maps in total)

For use within you can buy them from in world by visiting this SLurl  priced 750 Linden Dollars.

Also available from the SL Marketplace and for $7.99 the set.

They will (as always) be available from TRU Textures soon too.

Thanks for looking :)

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Subcontract Texture Artist Job Complete.

Click to View

Just wrapped up the subcontract work I was doing for and got my fee transferred (yay)

I have managed to make a few commercial collections (See earlier posts) but I am struggling with the uploads to 

For some reason, large zip files won't upload and as most of my products contain over 30 textures, it's a work in progress.

I haven't been as "hands on" with Forsaken Studios for some weeks now and it's been noticed and remarked about.

I am still as committed to the development of the game and stand by my initial statement that I think it will be groundbreaking when it's published but in the meantime, I have to devote a lot of my time and energy to financial return for obvious reason.

I am really busy trying to maintain an income in the middle of a global recession selling digital content which even in a normal economy is tough due to the unauthorized "file sharing" that is part and parcel of the industry.

It has always happened, it will continue to always happen and it happens 10 fold in the current economy because it's human nature to self justify when consumer confidence is low.

If digital content could not be technically copied and shared, creators would see a sudden increase in sales by around 60% I estimate.

No point moaning about it. It is what it is.

It's back to my work load for Forsaken Studios now...... we're working on a prototype we plan to release in May or June this year.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Serious Stucco - 17 Tiling Plaster Textures in Bold Daring Colours

I have had the original photographs of these amazing plaster walls for 7 months and decided to do something with them.

They're not your typical stucco in the sense the texture and colours are very striking and rich.

Because of this however, I would not advise using them on any surface that would result in them being repeated more than once or twice because as is always the case with textures, the more character and definition on display, the more obvious those very same "features" will stand out when the texture is repeated.

There are 17 textures and they're sized 1024 x 1024 Pixels and tile on both axis.

They're are available (at the moment) from within for 450 Linden Dollars. You can see and/or buy them by clicking this SLurl to TRU Textures SL Store.

From the SL Marketplace also - Click this link 

I will as always be adding them to the SL Marketplace and the TRU Textures website in due course.

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Ornamental Brass Metallic (Gold) Textures Volume Two

Add caption
Over 40 high ornamental Brass, Steel, Chrome and Gold metallic textures.

Available for direct download from the TRU Textures Website

And for use within only, you can find them on the SL Marketplace by clicking this link

Thanks for looking!

Friday, 13 April 2012

Sci-Fi Hull Wall Textures - Benjamin Salisbury and the Clockwork Zombies

Available for use in from here
Also available for direct download from TRU Textures website 
Also on 

 Just a small sample of textures I have created for a student game development project named "Benjamin Salisbury and the Clockwork Zombies" at the University Of Southern California.

There are others but they tend to be more basic materials such as floors and ceilings etc.

I am not sure the ones with the drain pipes will be used. Perhaps they're too 2D "because" of the pipes.

When a normal map is applied within the game engine those 2D effect pipes won't work.

It's certainly a strange contrast to switch from working with Photo realistic Viking era textures for Forsaken Studios to Sci Fi, tech type textures for the other game project which I am working on at the same time.

But it feels good to be back at the table and working after a long stretch of creative....  blah..

Click to enlarge.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Ornamental Brass Metallic Gold Tile Textures - TRU Textures Elizabeth Gallagher

Well, I have been playing with this collection for a week now and have finally reached a stage were I am happy to publish them for purchase.

There are approx 80 Bronze/Brass/Gold etched and carved textures, most are created as "tiles" and all will come with Normal maps.
Size 1024 x 1024 Pixels.
Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge
You can purchase both the collections (Volume One and Two) for use, each containing 20 textures  for 550 Linden Dollars from the TRU Textures SL store from within by clicking this Slurl

Also available from the SL Marketplace as a full collection of 42 textures for 1000 Linden Dollars.

As always,  they're also available for use outside of direct from the TRU Textures Website  ( under the Metal Category) 

You can purchase them with either the Any World License OR the Extended License.

They will be delivered to the email address linked to your PayPal account.

And finally, they're also available from for $9.99 

Many thanks for looking.
Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge