Monday, 26 March 2012

Free Fern Frond Texture on PNG Transparent Background.

512 x 1024 Pixles - DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE
Well, the title says it all really.... I was asked by a customer to make a set of single Fern Fronds, so I made this for her for free cause she's been a good long standing customer and so a little token of gratitude is never a bad thing.

I have been so busy with Forsaken Studios alongside the process of a part exchange (and mortgage application, house valuation etc) with my brothers house

And I have had the longest virus/cold ever, so I have not been able to focus on making a new commercial texture collection since Feb 2012.
I have however, started uploading existing collections to  

They have created a texture category after I inquired whether my textures might be of interest to their visitors.
I have only managed to get a hand full up and loaded so far, I am having a few problems with very large zip files.

Work with Embers Of Caerus continues to challenge me (In a good way) and I am continuing to grow in areas of personal weakness which is all good.

Anyway, if you do find a use for the above Fern Frond texture, I would love a link to your artwork in the comments below this blog post.


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