Sunday, 8 January 2012

Second Life Places To Visit - Grand Haven Ruca Tease Fashions and More

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It’s fair to say, I don’t see much of these days, when I log in its to my own land and store and it is always about business, uploading new textures and responding to customer enquiries.

So when I was invited to see a customer and friend, Bonadea Cobalts new sim remodel I was not expecting to be blown away and agreed out of politeness only.

When I TP in however, I was genuinely awe struck.

The sim previously had been the location in the 2011 WinterFest and whilst it was a pretty enough Medieval style shopping mall it didn’t blow me away.

The sim has been totally transformed into a mystical, magical, very beautiful place which begs to be explored and enjoyed.

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Glowing butterflies fluttered around me enticing me to want to follow them which I did as I discovered more and more places of fascination.

Even locations under water had been carefully transformed (see image 3)
into a "World Of Warcraft" inspired eye candy feast.

The entire sim was built by Bonadea’s partner, Roscko Cobalt and whilst I recognised some of my textures from the “Majestic Fantasy” collection there were many more textures I admired that I had not made.
Under Water. 

Ruca Tease Fashions and More offers little dwellings for quality merchants to rent and with a traffic of 2500 it’s certainly a location I will be renting a spot soon!
One of the little caves for rent. 

Bonadea had offered me a spot on her sim during the Winterfest and I really appreciated the gesture.

I will now make the time to rent a spot on this new layout because this place generates creativity in any of it’s visitors and so merchants with fantasy based wares would fair well here.

Below are more screen shots but I strongly advise you to pay a visit by clicking this SLurl 

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  1. You just want to stand around taking in all the colors and magical feel of the sim.