Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Frippery - Whimsical Jewelry for Imaginative Minds

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Elizabeth Tinsley has been my friend and the Customer Care Manager at TRU Textures for five years.

More recently she has been the Coordinator for the FFC Fantasy Faire for the last two years.
 (Relay For Life Cancer Fund Raising) Which this year runs from April 21st  through to April 29th.

But what I am blogging about today is something Elizabeth doesn’t mention much less boast about and that is her creative skill for making incredibly delicate and beautiful custom jewellery which she offers under her brand name “Frippery”

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So modest is she, that when visiting her little cottage store you have to look very hard to find her wares but they are scattered in tiny frames and photo snaps hung here and there from windows and shelves.

Instead, the quaint cottage appears to be more of a prop scene for taking pictures as I did today when I visited.

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I suspect that’s because she creates jewellery as more of a personal passion than a commercial venture but based on my years in Second Life, it is these very types of creators that make the most desirable content.

Not being driven by financial return tends to free up the mind for creativity in its purest form.

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Her work is very similar to the hand made jewellery one would find in places like Pia Jewellery  but without the real life physical limitations a jeweller would face.

Nature inspired for sure but even at a glance from a novice like myself, you can see the hours of love and passion which has been poured into each and every piece Elizabeth makes.

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Even if jewellery isn’t your thing, a visit to Frippery  is a MUST.

As I was there today, there were many people coming and going, mostly couples who took advantage of the sim’s beauty as they posed and took photos.

But I ask that you stop at the cottage and look at Elizabeths work because as they say: “The sweetest things come in the smallest packages


  1. Leighton Whittam17 January 2012 at 14:56

    Hiya Liz, its Leighton, Craig's son. I'm in year 10 at DACA and I'm taking a 2 year ICT course. I've took graphics as a main point within the course and I understand how to use websites and create them. The graphics on the 3D panoramic view have really shocked me though because I have actually never seen something as creative and in detail as that! I hope to be able to do things like this in the coming years because I also think the way graphics are coming on in games is amazing, so this to look at for me was brilliant!

  2. Hello Leighton! ;)

    I think you would find this place of interest


    Its a sandbox platform with in build building and texturing tools so you can build in a real time 3D environment.

    Many people then sell what they create within Second Life to other members.

    The images above are from within Second Life. Everything you see in these images were created by members of SL from the terrain, avatar and building textures to the animations for the avatars and 3D items like seats cars swings, the skin and clothes for avatars etc

    SL provides a platform for people to create 3D content but recently they have updated the client to allow the upload of 3D meshes from external 3D software which is big money for those who know how to create 3D models and meshes.

    I sell 2D and some 3D textures to content creators in SL from


    Its free to join SL but it’s not a “game” its a 3D social and creative platform or better known as a virtual world :)