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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Seamless Animal Skin Hide Tent & Throw Textures Version II

Version Two 
Due to the popular feedback from the first collection to these animal hide tent textures, I have created a second collection.

10 seamless cow, buffalo, pony and bear hide skins thrown on top of each other as they would be in the days of Vikings or for RP Gorean locations.

They can be purchased now from within SL by clicking this Slurl

They will also be available from the SL Marketplace.

For use outside of Second Life, you can purchase them under an extended license from the TRU Textures website and  very soon.

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Friday, 20 January 2012

SOPA PIPA - Stop Online Piracy Act A Rookies Point Of View

It’s big news apparently, but me and news don’t get on.

It took me 8 months to learn that Gordon Brown was the PM (seriously)
I don’t watch the news and I don’t read news related newspapers or websites.

Anyway, I got an email from my other half this morning which took me to the wikipedia site for the Stop Online Piracy Act which can be read here 

Even now I haven’t read all of the two websites that I have stumbled upon, so my opinion is less than worthless I guess. But I’m gonna give it anyway. :P

From the bullet points I read,  I am behind it.
Of course I am!

 I “am” one of those people that make a living in digital goods and I have experienced countless cases of digital piracy, usually born out of total ignorance.
Further more,  in my newbie days I have even breached peoples copyright in lets call it “Convenient Ignorance”

By that I mean. I didn’t go out of my way to see if it was OK. I took the view that “Everyone is doing it, it must be OK

True story:

My very much moralistic and law abiding Father asked if he could make a copy of a DVD drama series I had purchased over Christmas.

I laughed a little and said:  “Technically, we would be breaching copyright Dad

He looked a little taken back and replied “No, because I would only be using it for myself to watch and not charging people to view it

This is not a rare, incorrect misunderstanding over copyright and neither does it come from an idiot.
My Father is very well read and very much up to date with the news and political topics.

But is does display how Copyright on a massive international and multi cultural level is completely misunderstood.
Furthermore,  that huge scale lack of understanding is costing those of us that make it our business to understand,  50, 60, 70% of our potential income as people share digital files like they are sharing a bag of chips.

My main direction of thought was and

We all know places like these are breeding grounds for file sharing and IP theft and the owners generate millions of dollars in "User To User”  transactions of digital content so potentially they are both targets for this new law, should it come to fruition.

I would NOT want to be them right now because the damage is done really.
In “their” ignorance, Linden Labs opened the floodgates to people uploading pirate textures and artwork, avatar animations, sounds and goodness knows what else in 2003.

Further more, SLers can also export content out of SL such as textures they did not make.
Why we need a “Save Texture As” option I don’t understand. Why should people be able to export other peoples content out of SL?

Why did Linden Lab think that option was important to offer whilst they continue to ignore the fact that texture and sculpt map artists are loosing sales and money on a massive scale due to the lack of protection Linden Labs offer us.

Unlike prim and mesh made content, texture artists do not get the same level of protection they get.
Our customers (And the people they may share our textures with) can export an artists texture file AND resell it AND share it with great ease.
Hell, there are even “Texture Sharing Groups” the act is so “normal”

All artists can do is throw a User License in with the product and hope some of their customers take the time to read it.

The stuff already doing its rounds in SL is so entrenched into the platform and peoples inventories even if they were to identify everything, to literally rip it out of the system would leave millions of honest peoples content not working or half textured and the customers who purchased in good faith pay the price because they won’t get any refund.

Its mind blowing what this may mean to SL and Linden Labs.

On a positive note, I think peoples awareness of IP and Copyright will dramatically increase.

With the very real threat of such acts being treat as a federal crime,  people will now go out of their way to learn the facts so they don’t break the law in ignorance.

Of course, the small time opportunists are not under threat here, at least not initially.
It's the torrent websites and those that make a living from file sharing which generates massive traffic which they can then turn into very high advertising fees from other “legit” companies.

It’s a clever if not bloody lazy ass way of making a ton of money because all they provide are the servers and a website:

The traffic is attracted by the Free and 90% illegal software and digital wares that other people upload.
(I am not sure what their incentive is? Feel good factor? Feeling generous with others content? Oh, how kind!)
Then millions of people visit the site to download all the free software and digital content (Along with the crack codes generated by those that upload the pirate content)

The owners then can sell advertising space on their website to other legit websites who will pay big bucks for the kind of traffic a torrent website attracts.
The torrent owners are cashing it in without having to invest time, money or even skill into their business.

They’re what I like to refer to as “bottom feeders” and yes these websites are owned mainly by certain countries which I won’t disclose here for fear of having my house burnt to the ground.

But as I say, Copyright has so many shades of grey, it's massively misunderstood and I would say at least 50% of the “damage” comes from ignorance.

Stop Online Piracy Act

And here is the other side of the coin. Those that are against the act.

SOPA - Why is the world against it?

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Frippery - Whimsical Jewelry for Imaginative Minds

Click to enlarge 
Elizabeth Tinsley has been my friend and the Customer Care Manager at TRU Textures for five years.

More recently she has been the Coordinator for the FFC Fantasy Faire for the last two years.
 (Relay For Life Cancer Fund Raising) Which this year runs from April 21st  through to April 29th.

But what I am blogging about today is something Elizabeth doesn’t mention much less boast about and that is her creative skill for making incredibly delicate and beautiful custom jewellery which she offers under her brand name “Frippery”

Click to enlarge.
So modest is she, that when visiting her little cottage store you have to look very hard to find her wares but they are scattered in tiny frames and photo snaps hung here and there from windows and shelves.

Instead, the quaint cottage appears to be more of a prop scene for taking pictures as I did today when I visited.

Click to enlarge. 

I suspect that’s because she creates jewellery as more of a personal passion than a commercial venture but based on my years in Second Life, it is these very types of creators that make the most desirable content.

Not being driven by financial return tends to free up the mind for creativity in its purest form.

Click to enlarge 
Her work is very similar to the hand made jewellery one would find in places like Pia Jewellery  but without the real life physical limitations a jeweller would face.

Nature inspired for sure but even at a glance from a novice like myself, you can see the hours of love and passion which has been poured into each and every piece Elizabeth makes.

Click to enlarge. 
Even if jewellery isn’t your thing, a visit to Frippery  is a MUST.

As I was there today, there were many people coming and going, mostly couples who took advantage of the sim’s beauty as they posed and took photos.

But I ask that you stop at the cottage and look at Elizabeths work because as they say: “The sweetest things come in the smallest packages

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Seamless Animal Hide Tent Textures

Seamless Layered Animal Hide Tent Textures 
I have been asked countless times to make these kind of textures for the Gor RP areas in Second Life but at the time I couldn’t get my head around how I would go about it.

Recently, I literally HAD to get my head around it for a non SL related project and so with my new found technique I decided it would be a popular commercial texture collection to create.

There are 11 textures in total and all are unique (Not the same hides but recoloured) created from various animal skins ranging from pony to reindeer and Buffalo.

The effect is a dozen animal skins thrown on top of each other for the creation of tents and places of shelter.

Popular for Gorean locations in Second Life either as tents or as throws for the floor and seating.

They are all seamless on both axis and come sized at 1024 x 1024 Pixels.

They are available from the SL Marketplace here 
And from the TRU Textures in world store by clicking this SLurl 

Of course, they will also be available for use outside of the Second Life environment by purchasing them under the “Any World” license from the TRU Textures Website 

Sample 1

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

New 2012 Tiling Stone Cobble Rock Textures With Normal Maps

Click to Enlarge 
I have just finished the new seamless 3D and 2D stone texture collection.

The 3D version comes with Normal maps for use in 3D applications whilst the 2D contains Diffuse (Colour) textures only.

As always they tile on both axis.

350 Linden Dollars for the 2D collection and 500 Linden Dollars for the 3D version.

You can view and purchase them now from the TRU Textures in world store within by clicking this link 

They will also be available from the Second Life Marketplace.
3D version with Normal Maps
2D Version 

For use outside of the Second Life environment, they can be purchased from the TRU Textures website.

Many thanks for looking!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Second Life Places To Visit - Grand Haven Ruca Tease Fashions and More

Click to enlarge. 

It’s fair to say, I don’t see much of these days, when I log in its to my own land and store and it is always about business, uploading new textures and responding to customer enquiries.

So when I was invited to see a customer and friend, Bonadea Cobalts new sim remodel I was not expecting to be blown away and agreed out of politeness only.

When I TP in however, I was genuinely awe struck.

The sim previously had been the location in the 2011 WinterFest and whilst it was a pretty enough Medieval style shopping mall it didn’t blow me away.

The sim has been totally transformed into a mystical, magical, very beautiful place which begs to be explored and enjoyed.

Click to enlarge. 
Glowing butterflies fluttered around me enticing me to want to follow them which I did as I discovered more and more places of fascination.

Even locations under water had been carefully transformed (see image 3)
into a "World Of Warcraft" inspired eye candy feast.

The entire sim was built by Bonadea’s partner, Roscko Cobalt and whilst I recognised some of my textures from the “Majestic Fantasy” collection there were many more textures I admired that I had not made.
Under Water. 

Ruca Tease Fashions and More offers little dwellings for quality merchants to rent and with a traffic of 2500 it’s certainly a location I will be renting a spot soon!
One of the little caves for rent. 

Bonadea had offered me a spot on her sim during the Winterfest and I really appreciated the gesture.

I will now make the time to rent a spot on this new layout because this place generates creativity in any of it’s visitors and so merchants with fantasy based wares would fair well here.

Below are more screen shots but I strongly advise you to pay a visit by clicking this SLurl 

Click to enlarge.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Striped Contemporary Carpet Textures - Seamless 1024 x 1024 Pixels

Collection 1

I have just uploaded these two collections of modern striped carpet textures after taking some inspiration from the carpet I saw on my brothers new house stairs.
It seems bold bright stripes are the latest interior design craze so I figured they might appeal to builders of modern houses and apartments.

They are available for use in for 350 Linden Dollars per collection and can be seen by visiting our in world store by clicking this SLurl

Also available in two separate packs on the SL Marketplace.
Set one - Click this link
Set Two - Click this link 

As always they are also available for use outside of Second Life including other virtual worlds like by visiting the TRU Textures website.
Collection 2

Preview Sample

Thumb Nails

Friday, 6 January 2012

Seamless Mossy Country Rock Stone Textures

Tiling Mossy Stone & Rock Textures
I’ve not really had too much time between Christmas and working with Forsaken Studios to make anything new but in-between various projects I managed to create these moss covered rock and stone textures.

They are seamless on both axis and as always sized at 1024 x 1024 pixels.

They are available for use in from TRU Textures in world store by clicking this link and also from the SL Marketplace priced at 350 Linden Dollars for 10.

If you are interested in them for use in your game project or on another grid, virtual world or personal and commercial 2D and 3D use in general, they will soon be available from  the TRU Textures website from $2.69