Tuesday, 25 December 2012

The Carter & Dar Show - Interview Liz Gallagher TRU Textures

In the eight years I have been in Second Life which includes the seven I have been trading with TRU Textures I have more or less kept myself to myself.

But following the shock of winning the Avi Choice Awards last week...I guess it gave me enough confidence to come out of my shell a little and to be perfectly frank, networking is an important part of getting your business and brand "out there"

So I started a Facebook Page which now has 473 subscribers where I chit chat occasionally and post exclusive free textures.

More recently, I agreed to be a guest on The Carter & Dar chat show in Second Life and I really enjoyed it ! :)

Not sure how many people struggled to understand my broad Lancashire accent lol...

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Avi Choice Awards 2012 - Favorite Texture Store TRU Textures

TRU Textures Voted Favorite Texture Store.

I feel I must say a huge Thank You and an even bigger Sorry to anyone and everyone that voted for TRU Textures Ltd in the Second Life Avi Choice Awards 2012.

I am so sorry I was not able to be there to collect the award for "Favorite Texture Store"

WOW... I mean...really..WOW lol I am trying not to come over too sickly sweet but I am so touched by this mainly because I did not see it coming and SL is such a HUGE platform with so many texture artists and many (SO many) I admire and envy because of their skills... 

Of course, some of them are with TRU and I have to say Thorian Pennell and Elizabeth Tinsley, (Who are partners of TRU)  have both played huge roles over the years so I cannot take full credit for this award. 

I was under the impression the ceremony was Friday at 2AM UK time which I could not attend. Apparently it was postponed until Today at 10am SLT and I was sadly, unaware. 

I feel sorry for myself for not actually being part of something so very flattering and guilty for those that voted for us and I was not there in person.

Anyway, here is a transcript of the speech I had prepared and I assume read out by the radio host in my absence.

Thank you so much for this.

I was asked to write this acceptance speech at the time I was informed I had been nominated for the Avi Choice Awards, just earlier today actually, so it's a little surreal to try and think of something I would say as though I had already won,  which I really don't think I will,  but anyways... 

I am not really sure who or why anyone would consider me to be a worthy Nominee for such an award,  but who ever you are "thank you" 

I am  just one of thousands of people who are all doing the same thing,  in their own unique and creative ways in Second Life and  I am certain there are many who are much more talented than me, so again, it is an unexpected honor to be even considered worthy,  regardless of whether I won or not. 

Thanks again.

Liz Gallagher
LillyBeth Filth 

Friday, 14 December 2012

Second Life Avi Choice Awards

I wasn't going to write a post about this because it could be misconstrued as gloating. I can assure you, I am not!

I got this flyer about a week ago:

Official Flyer SL Avi Choice Awards.

It's for the Second Life Avi Choice Awards which I have never heard of because I generally keep myself to myself in Second Life so social networking is my weakness.

I glanced at it, wondered why it had been sent to me then forgot all about it.

Today, I was sent a notecard congratulating me on being nominated and asking me to prepare an acceptance speech if I planned on attending and assuming I had enough votes to win, the speech would be read out by the radio host.
I was also instructed to sit on the chair marked "X" if I heard my name called out by the radio DJ.

Sadly, 6pm SL time is 2am UK time  :(

I went to the website and researched what I had been nominated for and the categories and I am guessing its the "Home and Gardens"category but I really do not know.
This is the first I knew anything about it.

I have to say, I am baffled. It's deeply flattering and a huge honor but I cannot understand who or why anyone would nominate me.

I did write a little speech but then it's hard to write a thank you speech when I don't believe for one minute I would ever win.

There are so many designers out there and many much more skilled than I so I can only assume I was nominated because of how old my account and TRU Textures is.

I opened TRU Textures within Second Life in 2005 so it's close to eight years old and I guess most of us oldies have vanished over the years.  I guess the fact I am  "still kicking" is an achievement of sorts :)

Anyway, I won't be attending and so by default, I won't be collecting any awards.. lol (I might have if I believed I had a cat in Hells chance! As if!)

But I felt I should say "Thank you" to those people (Or person? lol) who put my name forward.

It's very touching; But really, I am no different to the thousands of other SL designers who are working from their homes and just trying to make an income from doing something they love....and that's reward enough really.. how many people can say "I love what I do for a living?" I am blessed and grateful.

So anyway, thank you for the gesture and kind thoughts...who ever you are!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Moroccan Tapestry Carpet Rug Textures - Seamless

Moroccan inspired carpet and rug textures.
Designed to look loose and unfitted as carpets or layer as scatter rugs.

Either way they are seamless so they could work as both scatter rugs and fully covered floor carpets.

They have slight bumps and creases to give the effect of being old and worn.

There are 15 designs and as always, they're available for use within Second Life as well as other virtual worlds such as IMVU.com and There.com.

Furthermore, they are available under commercial extended license for game developers and 2D/3D artists from the TRU Textures website. 

To see and purchase them in Second Life for 400 Linden Dollars the set,  please click this SLurl 

Available for use in Second Life, they are also available from the SL Marketplace 

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Mossy Stone Wall Textures 3D Maps Diffuse Normal Specular & Height Maps


Ten tiling mossy stone wall textures which include Diffuse, Specular, Normal and Height maps.

2048 x 2048 Pixels
Seamless on both axis.

These textures are available as 2D Diffuse also.

Available for purchase under various commercial user licenses from the TRU Textures website.

Also available for Second Life use and can be seen and purchased with Linden Dollars by visiting the TRU Textures in world store by clicking this SLurl 

Both the 3D and 3D texture packs can be purchased from the SL Marketplace also.

3D Collection can be seen here  900 Linden Dollars

2D Collection can be seen here   400 Linden Dollars





High Resolution Tropical Fish Textures on Transparent Backgrounds.

Click to view

13 High resolution Tropical Fish textures on PNG transparent backgrounds.

Available for purchase under various User Licenses.

For use exclusively within the Second Life environment they can be seen in world here: and cost 400 Linden Dollars.

They're also available from the Second Life Marketplace too. Click this link 

For use in other grids and virtual worlds such as IMVU.com, they're also available from the TRU Textures website under the Any World License.

Additionally, for use in external projects not related to online and virtual worlds, they can be purchased from the TRU Textures website under the Extended License.

Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Scattered & Seamless Ground Straw Hay Textures


There are hundreds of seamless hay and straw in the form of a seamless photographs but I could not find any like these which are various amounts of scattered hay and straw which can be overlaid on different surface planes.

After three days of trying to work out how to create these and learning tools in Photoshop I have never explored before, I came up with these.

The ten piece texture pack contains three seamless textures which tile on both axis and seven loose scattered straw textures which can be layered over your 2D and 3D scenes.



There is a slight drop shadow too to add depth and realism.

They are sized 1024 x 1024 Pixels and are saved on transparent backgrounds.

For use within Second Life they are available for 600 Linden Dollars for the set.
Here is a SLurl to see and/or purchase them.

From the Second Life Marketplace they can be seen/purchased here

They will also be available under various types of commercial and extended licenses from TRU Textures website 

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Beautiful Fresh Cut and Varnished Wood Textures With 3D Bump Maps

3D Wood Textures "Good Wood"

I love the colours and grain variation in these new high resolution, seamless wood textures.

Each of the 25 Diffuse textures tile on both axis and sized at 2048 x 2048 pixels.

Designed specifically for use in 3D programs and software, the texture set comes with Normal, Specular and Height (bump) maps also.

The complete collection contains 100 texture maps.

Depending on your intended use, the price ranges from $5.62 for use within the secondlife.com platform only (Link here) to $9.99 for extended commercial and general use from ccontentparadise.com

Also available at different price ranges depending on your license choice, they're also available from TRU Textures Ltd 
Preview One 

Preview Two 

Preview Three

Preview Four

Preview Five 

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Childrens Wall Mural Wallpaper Textures

10 Tiling Kids Wall Mural Textures 
I was asked by a long standing customer on the TRU Textures Facebook page why didn't we add some kiddies wallpaper textures.

I have to be honest, it's an area I have not given much thought to as I see these types of textures of interest to members of Second Life or other virtual worlds where having virtual babies is all the rage.

But when someone makes a request and I find we are lacking in that particular genre then I would be a fool not to take the advise.

And so I did, and they were a lot of fun to make!

There are 18 tiling wallpaper textures which all tile with each other so you can mix and match to suit.

The full collection can be found and purchased in Second Life for 350 Linden Dollars
Click this SLurl to see them in the TRU Textures store in Second Life.

I will be adding them to the SL Marketplace in due course and as always, they will be available from the TRU Textures website under various types of extended and external licenses.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Tombstone - Wild West Themed Game Textures

Wild West Themed Game Textures
13 Tiling game textures in an old Wild West theme.
Featuring bullet holes in old sun bleached wood, broken glass windows with various off white lace drapes.
Two textures display hanging signs for a Saloon and a Gunsmith.

Size 1024 x 1024 Pixels.

Available now from Second Life for 600 Linden Dollars.

You can see and purchase them by clicking this Slurl link (Second Life account required)

Also available from the SL Marketplace.

For extended use not associated with Second Life or virtual worlds at all,  we also offer them from the TRU Textures website under a choice of commercial licenses by way of PayPal payment.

Thanks for looking!


Monday, 19 November 2012

Rocky Winter Terrain Texture Maps 3D Specular Normal Diffuse Height Included.

Diffuse (2D Colour)  Only Version

Diffuse Specular Normal & Height Map Version

Released in two versions,
one contains ten 2D seamless colour or Diffuse textures in 24 Bit TGA format. (For use within virtual worlds terrain editors)

The other is the complete 3D collection which includes Diffuse, Specular, Height (Or bump) and Normal maps.

They are very dry, rough, craggy mountain terrain with various degrees of snow starting with no snow to a light covering and finally a total covering.

Here are the sample 3D maps below:




They are available immediately from and for Second Life by visiting the TRU Textures in world store in Second Life.  Slurl to TRU Textures in Second Life
As well as the SL Marketplace

The standard 2D collection, with no 3D maps cost 350 Linden Dollars.

The 3D professional version with a total of 40 texture maps costs 650 Linden Dollars.

As always, they will soon be available for sale from the TRU Textures website with a choice of extended commercial licenses not restricted to Second Life.

Additionally, I will be adding the 3D collection to Contentparadise.com in the near future, priced at approx $7.99 for the 40 seamless maps.

Thanks for looking!

Seamless Quilt Cushion Stitched Edge Fabric Textures Seamless


These satin like cushion and quilted textures come in 12 colours and each colour has both a single cushion design and a 9 tile quilted effect version too.

They are sized 1024 x 1024 Pixels and are seamless on both axis.
They are not the same texture simply re-coloured, each texture is unique from any other in the pack making them bespoke and unique.

They are currently available from Second Life for 400 Linden Dollars for the 24 textures and you can see and purchase them by visiting this SLurl 
They're also available from the SL Marketplace

For licensed use outside of Second Life, please visit the TRU Textures website which offers 50,000 seamless textures with a choice of commercial use licenses for you to choose from



Thursday, 15 November 2012

TRU Texture Sale - Contentparadise.com

TRU Textures SALE
It's funny because I was thinking just the other day that Contentparadise.com, (The only 3rd party website I sell on) had not run a promotion on my stuff for a while.

And then today, I went to the site to check my report and found the banner they had made.

That's why I like CP. I can't think of any other agent based website that promotes their merchants content (Unless said merchant is a real cash cow for them, and I doubt I am!)

Anyway, the banner says it all really so click this link and treat yourself (lol) Sale ends on the 25th November!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Urban Distressed Plaster Wall Textures With & Without Graffiti

Seamless Urban Distressed Plaster Wall Textures
Complete with Normal Maps, this texture collection includes 20 tiling  aged, cracked and grungy plaster or cement walls.
Ten are bare and ten come with various faded graffiti art.

Size 1024 x 1024 Pixels

The texture set can be purchased for use within Second Life from the SL Marketplace 

For licensed use in other grids and virtual worlds such as IMVU they can be purchased with the Any World license from TRU Textures website.

Finally, they're also available for standard none virtual world related use under the Extended License from both TRU Textures and Contentparadise.com

The price depends on the License type but ranges between $4.50 and $7.99 for the 30 texture maps.

Render Sample 1

Render Sample 2

Render Sample 3

Render Sample 4

Render Sample 5

Render Sample 6

Render Sample 7

Render Sample 8

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Seamless Muddy Field Terrain Textures

Tiling terrain textures featuring rocks, fallen Autumn leaves and muddy patches.

They tile on both axis and are sized 1024 x 1024 Pixels.

They can be purchased immediately for use in Second Life for 450 Linden Dollars by clicking this SLurl 

Second Life Marketplace link

(Second Life account required)

I will come back and add URLs to where they can be purchased for licensed use outside of Second Life and virtual worlds in general.

Please visit the TRU Textures Ltd website for more information

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Worn Weathered Cracked Plaster & Cement Textures With Normal Maps

Click to View 
Both as a texture artist and in general, I am drawn to old, derelict buildings over new, clean and modern architecture.

On my travels, I just can't get enough of the Victorian cotton mill factories with the crumbling walls with drains all rusted up and practically falling away from the walls.

To me, they're beautiful and inspirational.

With that in mind and following on from The Rite texture set  I made a week ago (Which is proving to be very popular on the SL Marketplace!)   I decided to go back to the basics of that collection and make a series of bare walls along with the Normal maps for content creators of mesh and models.

There are 10 Diffuse textures each with a Normal maps and as always, they tile on both axis.

They're currently available from the SL Marketplace for 450 Linden Dollars 

As always, they will be available for use outside of Second Life such as IMVU.com and other virtual worlds as well as extended use for projects not related to virtual worlds at all.

Please visit TRU Textures website to see & purchase these and 50,000 other seamless textures and get up to 60% discount by buying Discount Credits too!

Reduced Size Sample - Normal Map.

Reduced Size Diffuse Map Sample. 

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Aged Weathered Mossy Red Brick Tiling Textures



If industrial,  red brick textures are what you're looking for, then these are just the ticket.
They tile on both axis are are sized 1024 x 1024 Pixels.

Very weathered and worn with moss growing on the mortar and between the bricks.
Available for use within Second Life from the SL Marketplace for 350 Linden Dollars:

Also avaialable in world from the TRU Textures store in Second Life by clicking this SLurl:

As always, textures displayed on this blog are also available for purchase with Paypal and available for use under various types of extended licenses.

Please visit the TRU Textures website  Thanks! 

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Snowy Winter Terrain & Mossy Stone Textures




Terrain and Organic Mossy Stone Textures.
All are sized 1024 x 1024 Pixels and tile on both axis.
The terrain collections are saved as TGA 24 Bit file format for use directly within Second Lifes terrain editor.
The Stone with and without moss are JPG format.

I have yet to add them to the SL Marketplace and TRU Textures website but they are available from within Second Life by clicking these SLurls:

Mossy Stone & Rock Textures   400 Linden Dollars

SL Marketplace

Snowy Ground Terrain Textures  450 Linden Dollars

SL Marketplace

Snow & Leaves Terrain Textures   450 Linden Dollars.

SL Marketplace 

For Licensed Use on projects unrelated to Second Life, we have two extended license options.
Any World License is for use in any and all virtual worlds even those not linked to Second Life. This includes, IMVU.com, There.com, Cloudparty.com and others.

And the Extended License is for projects not relating to virtual worlds at all such as game developers and 2D 3D digital artists.

You can see and/or buy textures from TRU Textures website