Sunday, 25 December 2011

Embers of Caerus Dungeon

This is the first real insight inside one of the huge dungeons in the game Embers Of Caerus which is being developed by Forsaken Studios in which I am involved as a texture artist with a touch of character texturing too.

I created most of the textures seen in the area displayed in the video including the exterior mountain terrain and interior cave and stalagmite textures, the dungeon walls, floors, ceiling, crypt coffins, books, ceramic vase and the animated fire textures.
I also enhanced and and touched up the Crypt Giant creatures skin (seen at the end of the video)

Me and Lee Perkins, the Art Director, spent two days completely focusing on this area, we basically re-textured the dungeon with Lees guidance and direction.

I am really proud to be able to see my work within a game engine created and applied to specific meshes created by the 3D artists.
Might sound a little sappy but I there! :)

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