Thursday, 10 November 2011

Virus - Excruciating Lower Back Pain

I felt so tired last week-end. I slept until 12.30 on Saturday which is insane but I didn't feel ill just very tired and what I thought was a muscle spasm in my back.

In hindsight, I know why now.

I have this strange virus. None of the usual suspects like sore throat or cough, runny nose etc, just feel "sick" little energy and this awful lower back pain. I feel like a donkey has kicked me in my lumbar area its awful, I can't move or even lie down without grimacing in pain.

Here's a blog that I read

I know its fairly typical to have aching legs and back when you have flu and I have only ever had real flu once. Trust me, when people say "oooo I have flu" but are up and about they don't have flu, they have a bad cold.

Real flu literally puts you on your backside, you're too weak to even get out of bed and it lasts at least 3 weeks and for me, I wasn't 100% for 6 weeks.

That was 20 years ago.

This isn't's some crappy virus that is causing terrible back pain for me. I thought there could not be a link between the two but I found this blog and apparently it's very common...doesn't stop the discomfort knowing that but it does stop me obsessing with the "why when and what fors?"

i have been run down for months. Had a standard cold  caught off my partner a month ago, annoying but nothing more. Then I got a root canal infection,  which didn't respond to the two lots of anti biotics that messed up my stomach and gave me oral thrush. Then the dentist had to lance the inflammation from within my mouth (which was nice!) and now this.

We have booked a week away for the Xmas week staying in a beautiful cottage in Anglesey, North Wales and Mum and Dad are staying with us for 2 nights We plan to eat out for Christmas lunch... so that will be nice...

Sorry, bit boring eh? lol

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