Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Mixed Architecture Material Textures - Seamless on Both Axis

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I have had these “odds and ends” on my desktop for weeks now as a result of trying different elements for the "Embers Of Caerus" game development or just randomly playing with various textures making them seamless.

Working on making textures tile is like meditation to me (tragic I know)

It is a task I can almost do in auto pilot so sometimes I just do that with no real goal in mind like therapy, if you like, much like some “traditional houswives” claim the same from ironing SOCKS!! (Get a life women)

Anyhoooo, the upshot is I have gathered a collection of seamless textures but none of them belong to each other in the sense of a matching collection.

It seems a shame to leave them gathering virtual dust so I threw them in a pack and set them for sale as a “mixed bag” which is often handier than the same materials if you only wanted one from that pack. At least this offers you totally....wait...why do I feel I am justifying this? lol

OK so all 11 textures are only 400 Linden Dollars ($2.01?) and they can be purchased from:

Within Second Life - TRU Textures Store 

The SL Marketplace 

For use outside of the Second Life environment, such as and other online worlds and games, you can purchase these and thousands of other textures under the Any World License from TRU Textures Ltd website.

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