Thursday, 27 October 2011

TRU Textures - Mediterranean Villa 75 Piece Texture Set

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Frolic Mills, CEO of BOSL Magazine contacted me to enquire about some very old textures he once had and later lost.

He sent me one and I had to explain they were one of many texture sets I deleted from stock over 3 years ago when TRU got a lot of (deserved) negative attention over some less than unique and original textures.

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Over the years, and especially from my noob 2004 days, I would collect and purchase content that I, at that time, was unable to create myself but knew there was a market for.

It came back to bite me in the ass which is fair enough.
I am a big girl now and it was time to clean out my closet.

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Anywaaaay, long story short, I created a replica collection based on memory.

Frolic only wanted the walls mainly as the windows on his new build would be made from prims and/or sculpts so I just bulked it up to create this 75 piece collection.

It’s a simple collection (for me) and by that, I don’t mean it was easy to make!
Just that I have kept it simple and understated.

As always, the windows come as sheer and opaque, semi transparent silk drapes or wood shutters.
The set comes also with and without creeping vine and ornate columns.

There are 75 textures divided into two collections from within Second Life for 750L each set.
You can see them by clicking this SLurl

They are also available from the Second Life Marketplace as a full collection for 100L less (1400 Linden Dollars) by clicking this link 

As always they will be available to purchase for use outside of the SL environment by visiting the TRU Textures website and purchasing them under the Any World License

Thanks for looking!

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