Saturday, 29 October 2011

TRU Textures - Customer Care - Going Beyond The Standard

TRU Textures in Second Life 
I approached a customer in our virtual world store in Second Life this morning to see if I could help.

She explained she was confused because she had lost 1000s of textures from her Second Life account inventory and had come to the store to replace them all fully expecting to have to buy them again.

What she was surprised about was that when she paid for a product she was trying to replace, the vendor sent her the textures but then refunded her in full.

Just thought you should know” she said.

I explained that the vendors were refunding her because our system had recorded all of her purchases since 2008 and we don’t think people should pay twice for textures they have lost.

Sometimes, I forget about this feature but I feel it’s one worth mentioning.

Quite often customer will try to buy something twice because of the delay in delivery within Second Life and then both items are delivered meaning they have paid double. Our vendors ensure this doesn’t happen.

Also, as TRU has been around for 7 years, customers easily forget what they have purchased previously so again, this little cool feature ensures mistakes like that are fixed by offering a full refund.

I have to give credit to Thorian Pennell for this, as it was he who added that feature into TRU vendors and website system, it was his idea and a good one because our customer care reputation is very important to us.

So, if you didn’t know already, it’s something you may find you need to use in the future.

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