Thursday, 29 September 2011

Seamless Tiling Marble Commercial Textures

Seamless on both axis. 

Ten tiling marble textures now available. 
I will create a 3D version soon which will include Displacement, Specular and Normal maps.

They are available for purchase for commercial use within Second Life for 350 Linden Dollars both from in world by clicking this link and also from the SL Marketplace by clicking this link.

These texture will also become available for purchase for use outside of the Second Life environment both from the TRU Textures website and in the near future.

The price will be approximately $4.99 for the 10 Diffuse texture maps and $9.99 for the complete 3D collection with bump maps (To Follow ) 

~ Written permission and commercial licensing was purchased from Robert Gunderson from for the unedited raw materials used to create these textures ~

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