Thursday, 1 September 2011

Marble Granite Seamless 3D Textures

New Release Tiling Marble Granite Textures
Links to preview and or purchase:

44 x Maps 3D With Bump Maps 900L$
The SL MarketPlace 
2D Version 11 Tiling Diffuse Textures 400L$
The SL Marketplace 

Both options available from:
TRU Textures store in Second Life 

For use outside of Second Life
TRU Textures Website 

Just finished creating a new collection of tiling marble/granite textures.
There are actually 11 Diffuse (colour) textures (not 10 as the title text indicates)
Each diffuse has a Normal, Specular and Displacement map for use within 3D software when creating meshes and models.

I created these from photographs as there appears to be a lack of marble textures.

The reason for this may be because taking a photo of anything with a shiny surface is very hard due to the glare you will get either from your camera flash or natural daylight coming in from a window for example.

This creates uneven light gradients which will make the photo impossible to work with when creating seamless texture because the area that reflects the light will also be repeated when making the texture tile leaving an obvious and unnatural pattern effect.

Not to mention the problems when used in 3D software were light sets cast their own light source.

The spheres displaying the textures above, display an example of this.
The light source creates a “spot” where the surface of the sphere is hit by the spot light.

Of course, these were created for display only the actual textures look like this:

This is the Diffuse texture which is displayed on the larger of the spheres above.

As you can see, there is no light spot either from the original photo or from an artificial source such as 3D applications.

Anyway! lol

Enough of the techno babble.. these will be available later today both as 2D textures (no bump maps) and 3D textures (with bump maps)

I will come back and add the links asap.

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