Saturday, 10 September 2011

Free High Resolution Photoshop Brush Indian Goddess

Click to enlarge. 
I am working on creating a new set of textures for  an indian temple for a customer.

I have been gathering resource materials but was struggling with finding genuine Indian mythological figures in stone.

The exterior will be easy enough to make, white marble with relief borders, columns and windows but the interior is difficult due to the fact there are not too many reference photos of the inside of an actual Indian temple.

They are strict in India about taking such photos so it’s really a job I have to depend on what the customer imagines it to look like and my own concepts.

Essentially, I imagine lots of gold and bright colours, perhaps marble floors and Elephants God figures as it is to be a Hindu temple for real Indian SL members to visit,  so that puts a lot of pressure on me to make them as authentic as possible rather than just using my imagination! ...  as I normally do.

It took me an hour to extract the actual figure above from a photo and only 5 minutes to create the gold effect displayed here.

Used a yellow colour, slapped the brush onto a black background, went straight to Blending Modes in Photoshop and added Bevel changing the highlight to Color Dodge, added an Inner Shadow, and outer glow, duplicated the layer and adjusted the settings, changed the blending mode to Hard Mix and I think that was it.

Sorry its not much of a tutorial lol I honestly can’t remember how I did it now, its always just a matter of playing around and seeing what looks OK with me.

Anyway, the brush is free....what more do you want?!! lol
The brush is 1300 pixels and you can get a free copy from this link 


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