Friday, 23 September 2011

Byzantine Chapel Ruins Game Texture Collection

First Volume 
I have just uploaded the first batch of a Byzantine chapel ruins texture collection.

There are 60 seamless textures which include transparent windows on some of the walls and columns.

At this very moment they are only available from within Second Life (TRU Textures SL store)

If you have a Second Life account you can visit the store and see them by clicking this link.

Also available from my store on the Second Life Marketplace which you can visit by clicking this link

The price depends on the license so for SL use they are priced at 800 Linden Dollars for a 30 piece collection or $1600 for the full 60 piece set.

They will be slightly higher in price for use outside of the SL environment by about 1/3 and will be available to purchase and download from TRU Textures website and too.±

Many thanks for looking, Elizabeth Gallagher.


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